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Server Update - Revision 116

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  • Fixed an issue where sometimes more players could enter a raid instance than it is designed for under certain circumstances
  • It is no longer possible to read officer note in guilds using the Blizzard API
  • Item sockets and permanent enchantments will be displayed in the guild bank interface now
  • When purchasing a bank tab, it will take money out of the guild bank first before take out of player's personal money now
  • Purchasing a bank tab is now correctly logged in the guild bank money log (does not apply to bank tabs bought before this change)
  • Guild member's AFK/DND status should be correctly displayed in the guild rooster tab now
  • Players will now be informed when someone declines their guild invite
  • Fixed several exploits and potential crash situations



World Environment

  • Various creatures have had their interaction menus corrected
  • Gurubashi Arena chest spawn time corrected
  • Doom Lord Kazzak's AI has been improved




  • Grimoire of Doom will now teach Ritual of Doom as intended
  • Duration of Comfortable Insoles reduced to 30 minutes (down from 60)




  • The script for quest "Adversarial Blood" has been improved
  • The script for quest "Razormaw" has been improved
  • "The Soul Cannon of Reth'hedron" - Sar'this event (Flawless Arcane Essence) implemented
  • "The Root of All Evil" can be completed once again




  • Hunter's Mark minimap marking can be seen by hunter only
  • Happiness damage modifier will now affect all damage done by hunter's pet
  • Bonus damage scaling of Lightning Breath corrected



  • Prayer of Mending will no longer attempt to jump on dead players



  • Shadowburn and Drain Soul will no longer prevent warlocks from receiving Soul Shard when they are casted by different warlocks



Coilfang Reservoir: The Underbog

  • Ghaz'an's Acid Spit will no longer hit boss' primary target
  • Coilfang Frenzies will now die once Ghaz'an is defeated
  • Dead Fen Rays in the Black Stalker's chamber are no longer interactible once again
  • Improved AI of Swamplord Musel'ek's pet - Claw


Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern

  • Lady Vashj's Forked Lightning should work as expected during phase 2 now
  • Lady Vashj's Enchanted Elementals are now summoned in packs of 4 every 10 seconds as intended
  • Tainted Core no longer has casting time (strongly recommended to clean game cache)
  • Lady Vashj's Toxic Sporebats will no longer attack players and will fly around the room instead
  • Lady Vashj's Toxic Sporebats summon timer corrected to blizzlike


Hellfire Citadel: Shattered Halls

  • The corridor gauntlet has been improved to be more blizzlike



  • Romulo & Julianne encounter: Julianne's AI improved greatly


Magtheridon's Lair

  • Magtheridon's Blaze effect will now deal damage as intended


Razorfen Downs:

  • Tuten'kash event is working once again


Sunwell Plateau

  • Sinister Reflection's AI (priest, mage, warlock, hunter) improved
  • Shield Orb paths have been corrected to blizzlike


Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz

  • Arcatraz Sentinel's AI has been improved


Temple of Atal'Hakkar

  • 3 Hakkari Sappers added



  • Nalorakk gauntlet reworked in order to solve various cases where boss could become irresponsive


To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder.
As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.

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