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Server Update - Revision 114

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  • The antispam filter will now react to emotes as well
  • Items with charges will now display correctly in the guild bank interface
  • Various server stability and performance optimizations implemented



World Environment

  • Demon Hunter Supplicant and Demon Hunter Initiate had their loot tables improved
  • The melee damage of Severed Spirit and Severed Defender significally reduced
  • Various creatures in Stonebreaker Hold had their stats corrected and PvP flag added
  • Several creatures in Light's Hope Chapel had their interaction menus improved
  • Various crust bursters and bone worms had their AI improved and patrol paths added
  • Various nether ray creatures had their AI improved
  • More than 50 TBC creatures had their immunities corrected
  • Boglash's patrol path added
  • Shadowsword Manafiend's AI improved




  • Sleepy Willy AI improved




  • "Birds of a Feather" script improved
  • "Welcoming the Wolf Spirit" script implemented
  • "Digging Through Bones" script improved to more blizzlike
  • "Fumping" script improved to more blizzlike
  • "The Big Bone Worm" script improved to more blizzlike
  • "They're Alive! Maybe..." script improved to more blizzlike
  • "Taken in the Night" script improved to more blizzlike
  • "The Totem of Kar'dash" scripts completely reworked for both Alliance and Horde version




  • Fixed an issue where periodic damage of Lacerate would not scale properly from attack power under certain circumstances
  • Viper Sting will no longer drain druid's mana while in feral form



  • Invisibility will now reduce threat each second during activation period



  • Cannibalize can no longer be used on despawned creature corpses




  • Few missing details added to Archaedas's encounter



  • Gahz'rilla summoning event improved


To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder.
As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.

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