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Server Update - Revision 112

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  • Changed aura related server side logic in order to fix the behavior of some client side API
  • Characters will no longer come out of crowd control with full cooldown on their normal melee attack if the swing timer has ended during a crowd control effect
  • Multiple collision and movement fixes and improvements
  • Various server stability and performance improvements



World Environment

  • Various creatures in Honor Hold had their patrol paths added
  • Goretooth had his loot table corrected
  • Speaker Mar'grom had his loot table corrected




  • Scorpid Surprise poison proc chance has been reduced to more blizzlike value (was 100% previously)
  • Totem of the Astral Winds now increases Windfury Weapon damage as intended




  • Reduced number of Bloodscale Enchantress required for "Now That We're Friends..."




  • Mind Vision will no longer break target's stealth or prowl
  • Improved Power Word: Shield now benefits from spell bonus healing



  • Resummoning the currently active demon will now restore its health and mana as intended




  • Fixed some rare issues with pets moving through static objects like walls, buildings, etc
  • Hunters' pets will no longer inherit movement speed multipliers from their wild prototypes



Blackrock Depths

  • Ring of Law event was reworked to more blizzlike


Black Temple

  • Essence of Desire's Aura of Desire has been reworked once again in hope to resolve some known issues, players will now have their mana restored to full when Essence of Desire is defeated
  • Illidan Stormrage's Eye Blast speed has been changed back to expected value


Caverns of Time: Escape From Durnholde Keep

  • Captain Skarloc's Consecration will now appear at boss' current position as intended


Caverns of Time: Battle for Mount Hyjal

  • Fixed an edge case when sometimes base leader (Jaina Proudmoore or Thrall) would not respawn properly


Magisters' Terrace

  • Fel Crystals are now immune to all forms of crowd control


Tempest Keep: The Mechanar

  • Bridge event leading to final boss was reworked in order to make script more reliable



  • Back entrance will teleport players to correct coordinates once again



To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder.
As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.

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