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Server Update - Revision 105

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Today (24 October 2017) the following fixes were applied:


  • The /reloadui console command will now reload the action bar of any charmed units you control
  • Bosses are now correctly considered as 3 levels above the player in the glancing damage formula
  • Magma and slime terrain types will now be correctly used by the pathfinding system

World Environment

  • Over 50 creatures have had their interact menu corrected
  • Scarlet Hounds now spawn ingame only as Scarlet Hunter's pet
  • Unseen Servant's melee attacks now deal shadow damage
  • Raging Colossus should now properly shatter as his HP decreases
  • Various missing creatures and objects have been added in Ghostlands
  • Various missing creatures have been added at The Path of Conquest area in Shadowmoon Valley
  • Dawnblade Hawkriders are no longer aggressive towards players on Isle of Quel'Danas
  • Spawn positions of various Atal'ai Artifacts have been corrected


  • Over 20 items have had their texts corrected
  • Recipe: Frost Oil is now a limited supply item
  • Small Barnacled Clam, Big-mouth Clam and Jaggal Clam have had their loot tables corrected
  • Scarlet Cannonball will no longer drop from creatures in Stratholme
  • The Lightning Capacitor now has a 2.5 seconds internal cooldown (was previously 3.0s)
  • Arcane Bomb works now
  • Gnomish Universal Remote and Gnomish Mind Control Cap work now


  • Over 150 quests have had their texts corrected
  • Trial and Error is now available for players
  • The Prophecy of Akida has been improved
  • Saving Princess Stillpine script has been improved
  • The scripts for druid's quests Great Bear Spirit and Body and Heart have been improved
  • Hallow's End Treats for Jesper! / Hallow's End Treats for Spoops! scripts have been improved
  • Harvesting the Fel Ammunition - drop chance of Fel Cannonball has been corrected
  • Escaping the Tomb script has been improved
  • Show Gnomercy script has been improved
  • Heroes of Old has been improved
  • Breaking the Keystone script has been improved
  • The Balance of Light and Shadow script has been improved


  • Scorpid Sting now stacks with druid's Insect Swarm


  • Chastise spell bonus damage coefficient has been corrected


  • Shadowstep bonus damage aura now affects Envenom, Mutilate and Rupture damage


  • Elemental Weapons now affects Flametongue Weapon
  • Earth Shock spell bonus damage coefficient has been corrected


  • Guardians and enslaved demons should now be more likely to attack enemies that attack their master

Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth

  • The patrol paths of various creatures have been corrected

Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz

  • Dalliah the Doomsayer is now immune to taunt

Magisters' Terrace

  • Priestess Delrissa should now properly evade when all the players are dead

Blackwing Lair

  • Chromaggus will now always enrage at 20% HP

Caverns of Time: Battle for Mount Hyjal

  • Giant Infernal's melee attacks now deal fire damage


  • Improved encounter resetting logic in order to solve various cases when the encounter was stuck in an "in progress" state after a wipe

Black Temple

  • Aqueous Surger's melee attacks now deal nature damage
  • Flame of Azzinoth can no longer deal crushing blows
  • Doom Blossoms summoned by Teron Gorefiend should no longer attack Vengeful Spirits


  • Amani'shi Hatchers should no longer sometimes hatch eggs from opposite side too early. Additionally, hatchers should now always switch to opposite side when all eggs on their side have been hatched.
  • Zul'jin's Energy Storm should no longer cause multiple procs from a single spell cast (Binding Heal, Circle of Healing, etc.)

To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder.
As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker. 

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