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Server Update - Revision 104

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Today (21 September 2017) the following fixes were applied:

  • Various exploits have been fixed

World Environment

  • Various creatures across the world have had their AI improved
  • The melee damage of Lost Whelps has been significally reduced
  • The Erratic Sentry's Supression spell will now correctly work against players
  • The Spore Cloud and Energizing Spores spells used by Sporebats and Greater Sporebats will now correctly work against players
  • Dumphry is now a blacksmithing trainer (though not a master blacksmithing trainer as his title indicates)


  • Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spellsurge now has an internal cooldown applied when it procs
  • Arcanum of Rapidity, Arcanum of Focus and Arcanum of Protection will now stack when applied to multiple items at a time
  • Garments of the Oracle (3) set bonus should not proc from healing spells cast on self
  • Burning Legion Missive (Horde) will now always drop from Razorsaw


  • Vorsha the Lasher - the script has been improved
  • The Nightmare Manifests - the script has been significally reworked, the event should now always complete properly
  • Test Flight quests in Blade's Edge Mountains have been reworked and improved
  • Ar'kelos the Guardian - script implemented
  • Finding the Keymaster - the script has been improved
  • Ruse of the Ashtongue now requires you to wear Ashtongue Ruse disguise while killing Al'ar in order to receive the credit


  • Blizzard's spell bonus damage coefficient has been slightly corrected


  • Thrill of the Hunt will now work correctly for Scatter Shot and Silencing Shot


  • Priests will no longer suffer from falling damage while in Spirit of Redemption form


  • Fixed logic error added in rev. 102 allowing Cheap Shot to ignore victim's stun resistance
  • Envenom's damage will no longer benefit from rogue's spell bonus damage


  • Greater Fire Elemental's and Greater Earth Elemental's melee attacks will now deal more damage


  • When Seed of Corruption detonates it will no longer remove all other Seed of Corruption auras applied by other warlocks
  • Rain of Fire - spell bonus damage coefficient has been slightly corrected

Dungeons & Raids

  • Improved encounter resetting logic for various encounters in order to solve various cases when encounter was stuck in an "in progress" state after wipe

Dire Maul

  • The loot tables of various bosses have been reworked and will no longer drop multiple identical items


  • The loot tables of various bosses have been reworked and will no longer drop multiple identical items

Blackwing Lair

  • Corrupted Whelps are now immune to specific school of magics and can no longer detect stealthed enemies
  • Razorgore the Untamed's encounter has been improved:
  1. Activating Orb of Domination will now apply Mind Exhausion debuff as intended
  2. Conflagration will now temporarily remove all threat from affected units
  • Vaelastrasz the Corrupt's encounter has been improved:
  1. Spell timers corrected to more blizzlike intervals
  2. Burning Adrenaline will now kill affected player when aura expires as intended
  3. Upon death, players affected by Burning Adrenaline will now deal damage to surrounding units
  • Broodlord Lashlayer's script has been improved
  • Firemaw, Ebonroc and Flamegor have had their scripts improved, additionally Firemaw will now patrol area
  • The room entrance door will now close during Chromaggus' combat
  • Lord Victor Nefarius / Nefarian:
  1. Shadowblink now works as intended
  2. All Corruption effects (so-called class calls) have been improved or implemented
  3. Spell timers corrected to more blizzlike intervals
  4. Nefarian now has a chance to deal an additional melee attack on each melee attack
  5. Raise Drakonids is now implemented properly
  6. Upon wipe encounter will now cleanup and reset properly

Molten Core

  • Ragnaros' encounter has been improved:
  1. The model size of Ragnaros has been corrected
  2. The Sons of Flame will now despawn on wipe
  3. The Elemental Fire mechanic logic corrected to blizzlike

Tempest Keep: The Eye

  • Al'ar will no longer cast Flame Buffet nor auto attack while rebirthing

Black Temple

  • Teron Gorefiend's Shadow of Death can now be stopped by Ice Block and Divine Shield
  • Gurtogg Bloodboil's Eject will now remove less threat from the affected unit
  • Illidan Stormrage will now temporarily despawn on wipe and respawn in approx. 30 seconds


  • The Timed Run event chests will now completely despawn once the instance is unloaded (30 minutes or more passed since the last player left the map)


  • The High Priest Thekal's encounter has been improved

To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder.
As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker. 

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