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Server Update - Revision 99

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Today (17 May 2017) the following fixes were applied:


  • Starting time of various game events has been updated
  • Various exploits have been fixed

World Environment

  • Players will no longer hear weird levelup sounds when standing near bonfires and campfires
  • Entrance and exit portals of various dungeons have had their teleport coordinates corrected to blizzlike
  • Riding trainers are now considered profession trainers and will be displayed on minimap correctly when the appropriate track filter is set
  • Dreadwing is now immune to shadow and arcane damage, stuns, fears and movement impairing effects
  • Worn Wooden Chest will now always contain Ensorcelled Parchment
  • Bash'ir Landing area in Blade's Edge Mountains has been completely repopulated
  • Gnarl Leafbrother, Antilus the Soarer, Achellios the Banished, Galak Messenger, Uruson, Threggil and Twilight Prophet have had their patrol paths added
  • Some critters have skinning loot added


  • Hand of Justice - PPM chance has been corrected
  • The bonus healing provided by the Libram of Light, Libram of Divinity, Blessed Book of Nagrand, Libram of the Lightbringer now scale correctly with the spell bonus coefficients
  • The bonus healing provided by Totem of Spontaneous Regrowth now scale correctly with the spell bonus coefficients
  • The combat behavior of Emerald Dragon Whelp summoned by Dragon's Call has been improved


  • Fixed an issue where some procs, such as Expose Weakness could consume extra ammo under certain circumstances
  • Auto Shot should now correctly consume Rapid Killing charges


  • Molten Armor will no longer proc from ranged and spell attacks, unless the mage has learned the Molten Shields talent


  • Prayer of Mending will now proc on any damage taken, rather than negative damage only
  • An issue where sometimes Shadowform would go on an apparent infinite cooldown should be fixed now


  • Blind will no longer consume durability points of rogue's ranged weapon


  • Ritual of Summoning can no longer be used in battlegrounds


  • Enrage / Death Wish - the bonus damage component of these spells will no longer stack

Dire Maul

  • The east wing of this dungeon has been completely reworked to more blizzlike state
  • The Ogre Tannin Basket event is now working once again


  • The melee attacks of Noxxion and Noxxion's Spawns now deal nature damage

Molten Core

  • The melee attacks of Baron Geddon, Firewalkers, Flameguards, Firelords, Sons of Flame and Lava Spawns now deal fire damage
  • Lucifron's script has been slightly improved
  • Golemagg's script has been improved
  • Garr's script has been improved:
  1. Separation Anxiety mechanic implemented
  2. Massive Eruption mechanic implemented
  3. Spell timers adjusted
  • Majordomo Executus's script has been improved:
  1. Separation Anxiety mechanic implemented
  2. Flamewaker Healers will now become immune when half of the adds are dead
  3. Spell timers adjusted
  • Ragnaros's script has been slightly improved:
  1. Ragnaros and Sons of Flame are now immune to fire damage and spells
  2. Spell timers adjusted

Onyxia's Lair

  • Onyxia is now immune to fire damage and spells

Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Grand Warlock Nethekurse would lock on one enemy and never switch to another, regardless of aggro

Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth

  • Murmur will now attack the next unit in melee range when his current enemy is not in range, rather than start casting Resonance immediately


  • Mana Feeders now have a chance to randomly wipe aggro in combat
  • Few missing spawns of Arcane Protectors have been added
  • Chaotic Sentiences now have a chance to deal an extra attack on each melee attack
  • Netherspite's script has been improved:
  1. Void Zone timer corrected to blizzlike intervals
  2. Nether Infusion now has an announcement
  3. Nether Burn is now applied 10s into the fight and is removed during 2nd phase (when Netherspite is banished)
  4. Netherspite will now cast Netherbreath on a random player rather than on his primary victim
  5. The range of Netherbreath has been corrected
  6. There's now a 5s delay when Netherspite switches from thr banished phase into the normal one
  7. Nether Exhaustion aura will now limit the player on absorbing only a beam of one colour, rather than all
  8. Nether Exhaustion aura will now always apply properly when the beam aura fades


  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Jan'alai's encounter would not reset properly after a wipe
  • Halazzi's script has been completely reworked:
  1. Fixed Transfigure mechanic using correct spells, it no longer has chance to bug at 25% HP
  2. Spell use timers have been improved
  3. Flame Shock and Earth Shock no longer share timers
  4. Dual Wield spell have been confirmed and implemented
  5. Model sizes have been corrected
  6. Spirit of the Lynx's level, rank, flags and attack speed have been corrected

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

  • Moam's script has been improved
  • Ossirian the Unscarred's script has been improved:
  1. Weakness spells are now applied correctly to Ossirian and are no longer affected by his magic resistance
  2. Now has a chance to deal extra attack on each melee attack
  3. Speed corrected, will now increase speed 10 seconds after aggro, as intended


  • Marg Speaks - Fixed an issue where sometimes the players could not interact with the object
  • Weapons of Spirit - Script implemented
  • Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk - Script improved
  • The Scryer's Scryer is working once again as intended
  • The Battle of Darrowshire can be now be completed
  • Dimensius the All-Devouring - Script improved

To make sure everything works as intended, please clear your Cache folder.
As always, please report any bugs you find on our bug tracker.

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