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  1. Vote event April

    Vote or die mofuckers
  2. Vote event March

    Vote or Die!!!!
  3. Vote event August

    Vote or die mofuckers!!! Also August 15th is my birthday 
  4. Vote event July

    Vote or die mofuckers!!!!
  5. Vote event May

    Oh boy its going down again! Vote or die motherfuckers, daddy needs a new pair of boots!!
  6. Free Faction Change Event!

    We doing math now?
  7. Free Faction Change Event!

    Wanted to say thanks! Happy to be Ally again ?
  8. Free Faction Change Event!

    Ugh fine! Back to the grind homies ?
  9. Free Faction Change Event!

    Well since its for the better of the server, meaning the ratio and shit, could we swap our rep for the opposite? I'm gunna lose all my epics hahahah. I mean like Thrallmar rep for Honor Hold etc..
  10. Free Faction Change Event!

    Yea playing Horde was fun but I'm going back to the light side, I miss my front flips too much ??
  11. Free Faction Change Event!

    I'm really looking forward to being a Nelf again =) and its fo free!!!
  12. Vote event April

    Right now I think we're #4 on GTop100 and Top100Arena and then #12 on the other lists. Let's make that push, vote or die mofuckers.
  13. Vote event April

    VOTE OR DIE MOFUCKERS!!!! Daddy needs some honor ?
  14. Voting event is back!

    Vote or die mofucker vote or die