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  1. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Amazing news! Hehe these small custom thingies are lovely! I hope this will help revamp the battleground scene a bit!
  2. Vote event October

    Ah thanks, i didn't notice the post made there.
  3. Vote event October

    Well, I am against democratic means on such matters. The server admins will have to make the decisions, not the players. The reason is quite simple. The server admins must take responsibility. Players that feel that can actively help should contact the admins, and assist them. Voting for suggestions could easily lead to wrong conclusions since players most likely are not familiar with the marketing or other procedures. These are known issues since the ancient Greek democracy (see Socrates). On some other topic, I made some points and added some suggestions, but I think that the admins should open an official channel between them and players, in order to listen to suggestions, and then make their decisions. Even though big changes take time, I think the time is of the essence, because right now the server population is getting close to a critically low point. If it goes below a certain number of players, it will simply collapse, since people will not be able to find BGs or Heroics, and will quickly abandon the server for some other server or some other game. I would like to see the server admins open an official channel of communication with the players in order to listen to suggestion, and then make their decision. I know this is a delicate issue, but it's an issue that has to be dealt with as soon as possible.
  4. Summer Arena Season - Cash Prizes!

    I wish i could participate in arenas, but as mentioned above, full brutal guys pop up every time doing short work of me and my team. So after a few tries with every char, i just quit the whole thing.
  5. Voting event is back!

    Some of the websites are using IP to determine if you have voted or not. So you must restart router before you can vote with more than one accounts, or use your mobile data from your smartphone.