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  1. Goodbye Stream!

    Whats the server time in relation to Eastern USA? Really would like to be there in the final hours, but server time and real time posted on server seem off to my real time-zone.
  2. Transfers and more

    Got a reply from an email sent to Atlantiss: Atlantiss: "Hello there, Unfortunately at this time, we currently only support transfers from the Light's Hope Server. In the future, we hope to expand available transfers from other servers, if they match a similar server policy (No Pay-To-Win servers and similar experience rates). If we do offer transfers, we'll be sure to post on our discord and our website. Be sure you're following us, so you don't miss any updates:"
  3. Transfers and more

    This is from Netherwing!? Damn, i mean the server isn't bad by any means, but start at lv 60 lose my gear AND miss out on 60 levels of nostalgia? I'm out on that transfer. I only wanted to transfer if I could keep my gear I got. Losing it all that and the rep/gold is just a kick in the balls. Rather just keep leveling a fresh toon on netherwing. As for Dalaran I'm just as iffy on jumping into any WOTL server. Have to level to Lich King content now and unlike everyone and their grandma and their grandma's dog I'm not particularly crazy about Lich King expansion. Don't hate it or even dislike it by any means, I just really like tbc. I mean I guess just to try it I could transfer there instead for the he'll of it. Admittedly its been awhile since I experienced anything from that expansion. I am curious about this Endless server coming out soon. If the exp rate is x5 is I definitely not gonna bother transferring to any server with those rates. I know a lot of players DREAD the leveling, Personally I enjoy leveling through the content, Yes, even outlands, Everytime I first enter Netherstorm on a toon i get goosebumps. Not that I could even transfer to Endless, the server isn't even open yet-lol.
  4. Transfers and more

    So in my last post I mentioned I was struggling to find a TBC private server that meets some of my criteria and just recently I found one by the name of project Atlantiss 'https://atlantiss.eu/'. Atlantiss is an expansion progression server as a whole, but they have a tbc focused server I'm on 'Netherwing'. Definitely going to try to contact them about this as they have the 'Light's Hope' feature on their page, but I don't know how soon they will reply. Been playing on the server a bit and so far I have not encountered any major bugs or at least noticeable ones leveling a fresh toon.
  5. All good things

    Damn shame. Admittedly I didn't log onto the server yet this year, but i just got my custom gaming PC made and just felt an urge to play only to be greeted by this post. I have played only one other BC private server 'cant recall name' and nothing else as far as emulators for BC or other wow expansions. With that said I don't know if I'll ever find another emulator 'at least for BC' to fill the hole Excalibur is about to leave. I am curious about this character transfer that is mentioned. No idea the workings of it, but I'll keep tabs and even plan to attend the final days of the server as the final countdown for Excalibur begins. It's been so much fun being able to experience leveling my hunter 'Koraga' again and running heroics. I have to give my thanks for experiencing the completion of the Karazan and Gruul's Lair raid . Two things I never got to experience on retail. Even with my past experiences that's not to say i had more than a fair amount of cringey hunters moments still. Thank you Excalibur team for all the fun and experiences. It was comforting to know I could go back and replay the best WOW expansion, but of course all great things come to an end.