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  1. All good things

    Been an honor playing with you man, best of luck!
  2. All good things

    Hello there! Thanks for all the memories Excalibur WoW! This is where I spent most of my childhood and I'm forever grateful for every moment on this awesome server. Lots of friendships, drama and fun that will last forever with me. Special thanks to <The Silver Hand> and <Majestic Empire> for the best days ever, server first Kael'thas kill, <Hand of A'dal> and <Champion of the Naaru> titles come on top of my head. Valee (Phase), Damir (Fortran), Liam (Pee), Zypzo (Ashbringerr), Miha (Mahakambey), Nubek (Noobozaurus), Oscald, Kittypie, Samoonra, Assasine, Thelx (Izabela) and the almighty Khoof! Some of the cool names I remember from the old days. Stay awesome people! P.S. Not sure if anyone still remembers me. Clayface