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  1. All good things

    thanks it worked so the going to reset all to the server once again
  2. All good things

    the link has expired , would you please post the new one ? thanks
  3. All good things

    i miss you brother <3 thanks for showing up once again to say goodbye
  4. All good things

    i miss playing with you greatly it was an honor to play in this sperver specially old and ncie friends such as you and clayface im glad that we are still in contact after all these years and thanks for believing in us im happy for you and fernando and great gnome shadowtje and stam the glaved dude <3 you all best warrior egypt <3 missing you aswell man your not active on facebook anymore would be nice to be in contact with you . best wishes to you and your family
  5. All good things

    was always thinking your ashbringerx land hiding from me lol . missing you brother <3
  6. All good things

    introducing these people Khoof : a person who loved this server and never left it , a naive man , what ever he did he had nothing bad in his mind Olana : i reffer her as a she since she does , she was the one who kept bgs running she was responsible of keeping pvp and world chat alive we gota tank her Alexis : he was a fan of gmhelp ofc and he also never left the server , he became one of best pve holy paladins he helped many guilds and ne comers to server he vote more than anyone i knew to keep server populated Assasine : old school paladin of server who never left here was trying to keep the server running , his hart is his weekness ..... he misses his old friends here he did some crazy behaviur to some of his friends and now he believes its not acceptable to leave any bad karma behind specially to those whom he might never have another chance to apologies Abas he was a respectful man a great raider and a great person also bff of izabella Cload daimmcant remember him very well all i know is that we had talked a few times over the phone he had nice english Zulee i was a guildy of him in immortals, i don't know what changed in him to be the daemon of stv also kittipie : she was the life of server for such a long time was bringing warm feeling to our harts fatality : he was keeping our bgs active he played a huge rule in servers pvp also such a great person and my bff solaris : missing him a great deal beliar : please contact me i miss you and was looking for you for more than a year email :[email protected] grit: a nice pvper we was a pvp team me liam and him also such a great person and my bff fernando : great gm and great tank and great pvper and my old arena mate missing him a great deal also @ban hammer grifith : what a rogue <3 missing you brother nevala : server lost alot when she and her brother left here , such a nice person korean: omg what a paladin he was my mentor as paladin paladinlord: definition of agresive pvp paladin and such a nice person stevo: great paladin from egypt and great person he taught me how to make money from bg marks shadowtje: i mis him fighting in bgs vs ichigo lol they was such a couple and both such a great people and many more ...... god bless all of them izabela: nice person and fun and howt lady , we where friends for ages and well shit happens miss her too atari: lover of music and big boss ames : he was a friend to me i guess i knew how should i talk to him lol funny is that im the only person not hating him , i wish him well and i wish things would played in a diffrent way naster: he made me sport addicted lol thanks to him my love is sport now spacey: she made a whole guild to bost low levels and new comers to help the server she was farming gold and making things and gifting them to people she is an angel archamer:reset all damir :he geared half of server back then papadopulus: great pvp druid amirreza :a man from mashhad such a nice person phase: she was howt when she was a bloodelf also a great person adept:greatest rogue ever cupid: he enchanted me for free when i was new to game . thanks rolland for being my friend over the years manarubby: such a nice gm he did 200 % for the server god bless him dida : that gm druid he was so funny moionray : she was a model ! spantik:scraplord tatar: nice healing shaman psuh it harder and who know what else
  7. All good things

    it was an honor to be here so many memories and good years and good friends i sent this link to damir/liam/grit gwyn and so many more hope to see them here at the remaining days btw thelx am i forgiven by you after all these years . im sry can we all be friends once more ? damn myb eyes are wet now .... althought i wasnt active recently it hurts ,
  8. All good things

    assasinegm/gashtershad btw im happy to see you thelx its always nice to see an oldy
  9. All good things

    i was also a gm of excalibur someday, but yes its sad man i was fighting for server til the last moment i just had voted for exca before seeing this
  10. Happy holidays!

    once upon the time 3 players of server ( me fatality and beliar ) we gave our words not to leave the server and be the last people logging on excalibur . although both of them left here but ill be the man of my word veterans and old customers most precious thing a server owns . almost everyone still logging here are vets , and yes it seams its going to be last week for many guilds , everyone moving to a certain server which is going to open within a month ( im writing this in case if server cares or doesn't know ) while server trying to keep people in the dark by not annoucing anything officially or puting any new post on the website or closing the creating new account option and email thing from website . that request for donation thing gezjer mentioned should also be on the table , exca was requesting that even with 5 players online and it was always working .....at the end ,am i happy ? no. will i move to other servers ? probably no and leave the game for good .
  11. Happy holidays!

    i really want to see server coming up on 2nd of feb so all those haters would stop spreading false information ....