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  1. Happy holidays!

    thanks excalibur for this generosity , and this all staffs for all the hard works wish you happy new year .
  2. New Battleground Activity Feature

    btw would you mind to please put this in one of those blue system messages so everyone would know about it ? thanks
  3. New Battleground Activity Feature

    anyway the fact is admins and gms started to make huge steps this update and https://www.twitch.tv/excaliwow shows the willingness . keep on Excalibur we love you. and thanks to all staff members who made these possible
  4. New Battleground Activity Feature

    the idea is awesome it will promote pve for sure and i hope to increase population slightly too but there is one problem remaining , 500 days of bg is a bit farfetched i mean its even more than a year , it would be better to make it something possible , even in worth case scenario 200 days would be nice but 500....