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  1. All good things

    @ Ziordrood idgaf anymore who is taking care of servers or forum or whatever, all I want is CLEAR information. They post this like All good things --> WILL --> COME TO AN END* but don't just write bullshit about continue playing, it will be >WORTH YOUR TIME< and afterwards not replying to most questions about this. Dont start with bullsht promises and then just keep it quiet. Also a >RAT< ass move by Excalibur to do a XMAS sale before shutdown. I myself put 60 euro in donations. because i had time to play wow for a while again. My friend put 80 euros in it. It is the biggest SCAM I experienced online. with Tickets being left unread for 10-20-30 days now. Yes you can say it was your own choice to donate. But WHY the FK would'' someone/ or a company'' do a SALE and then shut its server. Its just Pure MONEY STEALING intentions. And instead of staying quiet or not replying, JUST APOLOGISE EXCALIBUR SERVER!!!!!!!!! DONT BE DIRTY RATS STEALING MONEY. Peace.
  2. All good things

    so transfer or just close down? when is the decision made? which day? I dont see Gm's ever replying to there questions and just talking around this subject!! so I can just say: R I P exc was fun, but time to close it since gms are kinda shitty right now peace