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  1. Double rates

    This would be nice, currently rates end at 6pm which is pretty much when im getting home and miss out on them.
  2. Double rates

    Understood thanks for the info, 1 last question though. Do these rates effect boss drops, specifically warglaives since unlike thoridal which shares a group that does add up to 100% glaives are in their own separate loot group which does not add up to 100%. I think I've seen people claim a staff member said it did not change these rates but just wanted confirmation one way or another
  3. Double rates

    I thought I recalled being able to extract more than 5 motes per windy cloud a few years back.
  4. Double rates

    I've wondered how does doubled drop rates/chance change loot table groups that already add up to 100%? I can understand double chance to help while farming items that do not always drop or the group in the loot table is not 100% but does it chance anything for loot table groups which do? So example lets say I'm skinning something with the following drops They both share the same loot group adding up to 100%, how or does double rates change anything in a scenario such as this? Does doubling rates push the scraps off the loot table all together or is there no change. I'm asking out of curiosity and it doesn't have to pertain only to leather but any loot group which already has a 100% chance to drop something.
  5. Double rates

    Is this to say that drop amounts will be doubled like it was years ago (double bojs, herbs, motes, etc...) or does this mean drop chances will be doubled like recent events?
  6. Cross-faction Guilds

    This 100% This argument only works for people with your same viewpoint which is not a majority. If that were the case then all the non blizzlike elements that they did 10+ years ago to attract players wouldnt have worked such as purchasble legendaries/sunwell items, bojs from vanilla content, crossfaction grouping, messaging, auction house, but it did work to attract a playerbase. The whole blizzlike or nothing endall be all mentality has done more harm to the server than good over the past few years.
  7. Cross-faction Guilds

    That guy is going to pay a small price to allow the rest of the server to instant pop when they que versus sitting around begging world chat to que from a certain faction.
  8. Cross-faction Guilds

    Maybe a week's worth of crossfaction BG to see if it's as terrible as some people claim? If not switch back, would a temp trial hurt the server anymore than the state we're currently in?
  9. Cross-faction Guilds

    Peaking around 460~ https://plot.ly/~twam/0.embed
  10. Vote event June

    A potential hit? Oh i believe it's a full blown hit. How many players have left or how much more does population have to go down before this potential hit as you call it effects players themselves, stopping them or making it harder to form groups for pve or pvp. Log during NA times or just view world chat during these hours, seeing people spend so long trying to form groups. It's around 20:00 UTC now and server pop is 475 as shown on the home page, though my guess is it's actually lower since the homepage seems to show login server numbers versus actual charactered logged into the world. Comparing these numbers to the recent months at 20:00 we're closer to 800. You can see it's a downward trend, I'm only offering a suggestions as a mean to rectify some of this.
  11. Vote event June

    I've read those quotes in the past but that doesn't really mean it's a good decision. If your point is that coins do not equal votes OR that it doesn't help with ranking in the top sites then you should be able to see that their choice is a poor one. Simply quoting a suggestion made by myself doesn't actually show any new information does it now? Nor does it address either of the issues. The main point being if you are concerned about people actually voting or topsite position then there is a clear solution which they have failed to implement for what in all honestly sounds like a piss-poor excuse. But in the end all these points seem moot as there is no opposing arguments that the server is losing population and topsite position will not be salvation.
  12. Vote event June

    This is exactly why i suggested enabling the postbacks from the voting sites which is currently disabled. Right now there is no voting check what so ever, how many people simple click the vote links in the excalibur accounts page then close the tabs without ever actually voting. Excal will still count these as votes even though the user never voted, with the current system someone could easilly setup a bot to just GET their vote links on all their accounts twice a day and the excal system would count all these as votes. I know forsure TopG has the support for postback and im assuing the others should as well. The way this works is when a user votes the topg topsite (or the other ones assuming they support it) will send a confirmation back to excal ensuring the vote went through which solves the issue of players not voting which you have brought up. https://topg.org/voting_check
  13. Vote event June

    How about a pool in which players can donate their vote coins too to fund a greater goal. So instead of double rates happening when we reach X position on the top sites have a fund such as when 1000 vote coins (or what ever number is reasonable) get donated to this fund/pool the server will enable double rates for X period of time. This gives players the feel that their votes are actually going somewhere versus now where people vote in hopes to reach positions in the topsites and if that fails have no return for their voting; sure they have their vote coins but as many have said there isn't much use for the coins after you get a mount or some fun items. This method make sure vote coins actually are getting used, ensures that every vote coin spent on the goal is actually used and progressing the cause for double rates, and might also push more people to vote. I'm assuming after the announcement of double rates being applied votes drop off as the goal have already been reached but with a pool once the goal is reached, double rates are applied, the pool resets to 0 and votes still have meaning as you can spend them towards the next event. Some things to consider would be the first few pools would most likely happen really fast since there are many players who just have loads of vote coins since there is nothing to spend them on (after you get your desired items) but this system would act as a vote sink. Double rates may also no longer happen only on weekends since the randomness of when the goal is reached but the goal amount could be changed to keep things balanced. Would be a good time to enable the callback from the vote sites too to make sure people are actually voting, when you give the population something to vote for where they can see that their vote has made a difference then more people might be inclined to vote.
  14. Vote event March

    This has been happening for a while and it seems like its just gtop100 not liking firefox. I tried in Chrome and it worked. In FF it looks like part of the style isnt loading properly and while the captcha does work clicking the button to finalize the vote doesn't actually do anything.
  15. All the more reason to add 1 per boss.