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  1. All good things

    Youll find many old exca players on this link as well https://discord.gg/mu4zVZr
  2. All good things

    Lets make it great again! https://discord.gg/mu4zVZr
  3. All good things

    Come, Come!
  4. All good things

    Let it be known! Exca still rocking at Adal!
  5. All good things

    Correct, its cartonized anime Alucard
  6. All good things

    Sure, hit me up in DM ill give you some of my char names
  7. All good things

    I believe you do understand now, why i couldnt and wouldnt say anything, nor discuss the topic in /gmhelp and /world
  8. All good things

    Critman Crritmaaan, maaan
  9. All good things

    Was an honor, I will still be arround, other GMs as well, to lend helping hand till closure