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  1. Transfers and more

    am playing there as many others are tho. and we dont need more then naked 60s end of story.
  2. Transfers and more

    why wud they give us BiS toons? on a server were SWP is being relesed in 4 days? wotlik meybe will accept all your gear. bcz its usless and at lvl 71 u will change it. and gold will deffenitly not be moved with your toon. its a fact any server that does that is garbage.. since we all had milions of gold on excal.
  3. Transfers and more

    yeah its Netherwing. well some people do not wanna start from lvl 1 so starting from lvl 60 is a big boost.. so
  4. Transfers and more

    BisquiitToday at 8:10 PM https://forum.excalibur.ws/topic/1871-transfers-and-more/ [8:10 PM] any admin can read this pls? Ev♂lveToday at 8:11 PM i have read and accept the content of the paste BisquiitToday at 8:12 PM can i pm you? Ev♂lveToday at 8:15 PM u can write it here as it concerns everyone pretty much BisquiitToday at 8:15 PM so Basicly we will have the database relesed of ouer toons. i beg you do not transfer all ouer gear and money. it will ruin the server. but characters wud be nice to have back. if you guys alove this you will get a huge amount of players comming to this server with your Permission and acceptance of the transfers i´d like to announce that to the fellow frends we played with on the forum. Ev♂lveToday at 8:16 PM i highly doubt we will be transfering level 70 chars in any forseeable future [8:16 PM] there COULD be some kind of downgrade thingy to 60 BisquiitToday at 8:17 PM why is it an issue to get ouer toons to the max lvl with rep and proffesions but naked with idk 1% of the money or less [8:17 PM] so we dont need to go tru the aids of lvling and grinding again. NarilraveToday at 8:17 PM Theres no way money would be tranafered it would be terrible Ev♂lveToday at 8:17 PM because this is not instant 70 server? [8:18 PM] i mean you went through aids by playing on excal in the 1st place [8:18 PM] i cant imagine leveling 60-70 would be any worse BisquiitToday at 8:18 PM i agree compleatly NarilraveToday at 8:18 PM BisquiitToday at 8:18 PM its not the lvling its the gringing part of rep and proffesions Ev♂lveToday at 8:18 PM yea but we can fuck over our players [8:18 PM] just because u played on a kek server [8:19 PM] that shutted down NarilraveToday at 8:19 PM Choose netherwing from the start BisquiitToday at 8:19 PM being naked lvl 70 can do that?(edited) Ev♂lveToday at 8:19 PM *cant We've been expecting you loweralsToday at 8:19 PM Ev♂lveToday at 8:19 PM there are literally ppl paying for x3 in the shop [8:19 PM] and u want us to give u level 70 instantly BisquiitToday at 8:20 PM i payed my self tho for the 3x [8:20 PM] i dont mind paying donnating for the stuff i support /consume NarilraveToday at 8:20 PM @Bisquiit i think lvl 60 is more than fair BisquiitToday at 8:21 PM in that case do we start as lvl 60 naked? NarilraveToday at 8:21 PM Probably not [8:21 PM] But that is too soon to say [8:21 PM] There need to be decision and discussion first dont take it as a fact Ev♂lveToday at 8:22 PM if there was some kind of the thing like downgrading [8:22 PM] u would probably get some soulbound starter gear [8:22 PM] that cant be sold to vendors BisquiitToday at 8:22 PM thats fine SmailyToday at 8:22 PM If BisquiitToday at 8:23 PM so can i nottify the guys of this? or still needs to be Consulted? Ev♂lveToday at 8:23 PM this is all hypotetic chatting [8:23 PM] ... [8:23 PM] nothing was decided yet BisquiitToday at 8:23 PM ok can you guys Contact/let me or on the forum know of the decision? Ev♂lveToday at 8:23 PM and i doubt anything will be decided prior to 2.4. release either [8:23 PM] oh shit its in 6 days [8:23 PM] guess i have to start fixing shit BisquiitToday at 8:24 PM excal is clossing on 21st and the data is being relesed in a week or so [8:24 PM] so no rush Ev♂lveToday at 8:24 PM it would be better if you reminded us again after 2.4. is released BisquiitToday at 8:24 PM allright brother will do! [8:24 PM] Thanks for the chichat >>> so i talked TO NW admin. thats the chat we will see after the 2.4 relesse i will let you know guys here on the forum!<<<<<<<<<<
  5. All good things

    hey guys many of us moved to https://atlantiss.eu/ horde side siting in the guild called Corruption. dw its frendly and evryone is welcome for lvling and having funn and later we can weawake the guilds we had separatly. am playing a warrior Bisquiit fell free to pm
  6. All good things

    Whats with the data base? dont you think u can work it out to give it to onother server for transfers? is that not an option for you?
  7. All good things

    how interesting. i see few servers with 2k+ population and we talk of downinterest of tbc.
  8. All good things

    so the thing was the truth the whole time and you did not make the effort to clouse the donations.. insted you decided to milk out the donations for few more weeks after you gave us 500 credits witch is less then half to buy an worthy item. anyway thanks for all thouse who played for the time spent and funn had. We are moving to Atlantiswow. horde side u will find me and many more who moved days ago. once again good bye to evryone and free well champions.
  9. Happy holidays!

    due the fact of low population is nearly imposible to Form a raid. Recruit people for guild or have funn in general. i decided to quit and move on with few people following up. there is no point of playing if the comunity is not there. the rumors are around for a month no statment has ben made and that makes evryone nervous. today i will be giving away all my stuff(whats left of it) on wchat. as a tribute. Thanks for 11 years and gl on future. Bisquit