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  1. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    lol what?
  2. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Healers are overrated.
  3. Free Faction Change Event!

    correct, this is a very sophisticated statement and a correct decision. Out of topic though, leaving swp with disasterous raid leader to rather play mh with friends got nothing to do with free faction change or does it?
  4. Free Faction Change Event!

    Did physics before, didn't work
  5. Free Faction Change Event!

    TP=(BGmax*invR(A/H))/(Nbg*Rpc*QTdes) TP= players on standby BGmax= maximum BG duration R(A/H)= Alliance / Horde balance Nbg= number of BG's runing Rpc= rating of parachuters (ppl that close the game when killed 2 times or join with 2 accounts etc.) QTdes= desired queue time As you can see QTdes is pretty much leveraged, you should be satisfied with what it was. With small numbers of people playing it is unrealistic to expect the balance should be provided serverside, also ofc parachute rating hurts even with high numbers of TP (the higher it is the less it hurts). Let's put some numbers in for WSG to see how many people you need on one side to have QTdes guaranteed less than 1 minute: BGmax.= 45min (i've seen few longer but let's go with this) R(A/H) = 3/4 (pretty much exca ratio), lets check for horde, we invert the ratio to 4/3 Nbg = 3 (let's assume there will be 3 games runing simultaneously at peak) Rpc = 0,3 (let's assume 3 out of 10 will drop out prematurely) QTdes = 1min (we want no more than 1 min queue if we sign up) TPalliance=(45*3)/4(3*0,3*1)= 33,75 +30 playing = 64 people TPhorde= (45*4)/3(3*0,3*1)= 60 + 30 playing = 90 people So, for running 3 battlegrounds simultaneously and guarantee queue time of 1 minute you need an astonishing 154 people in wsg when it is maxed out on excalibur , however it never is maxed out, thus you get a spot where missing and might end up in a game 5v5 or similar. Since many of the factors can't be predicted it is best to turn the picture upside down what blizzard did with battlegroups. However on a private server battlegrounds stay in vanilla atmosphere unless all private servers would link with eachother or a special pool of players would be joining just for the balance. There is more or less no other way than to go megalomaniac on it like blizzard went with battlegroups and by doing it even too far they had an opportunity to even sort players per their rank and make as much even groups as possible in early battlegroup stage. Doesn't help the situation much probably, still... just my 20% of a dime.
  6. Free Faction Change Event!

    Would it be too cocky if i wrote "I told you so."? Thumbs up for field medics. http://www.blizzardguides.com/wow_first_aid_faq_guide.html