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  1. All good things

    Please forgive this old dwarf for sounding salty previously, but my reasons are sound and just. That being said, thank you for hosting this server for as many years as you and your team have. I started in 2016 after the WC movie and had an itch for old content. Somehow I combined my newly formed faith and need to be different into a pretty decent Shockadin (Songoku will always be King). I joined SNS during one of the PVP events at Stratholme and rose through the rank thanks to Morgal, Becq and Degrasse. Some may think of me as a great player, but many know better. I'm not that great but I can heal my ass off and carry WSG's to victory as proven time and time again. Arena was never my scene and I respect those that have it down to a science. It's been a great run and I'll miss everyone. Some may know I tried to leave 5-6 months ago but kept coming back to this great server. PVP shittalk aside, you're all great. Even you Joel. Olana, it's been... interesting to say the least. I'd like to leave this here one more time. God bless you all and see you in the next one I'm not crying, you're crying!!!
  2. All good things

    You should have hired Morgal as a GM. He was full of great ideas that were actually implemented. Without passion, one leads to stagnation. But this is an excellent point. As Spacey said... p.s. Banning legacy players for linking that screenshot in world is REAL LOW. ie. Saintality
  3. All good things

    Where is my x-mas donation refund? I saw it as a chance to support the server and now I feel betrayed as the leaked screenshot (with no date) brought up closing the cash shop immediately. As much as I love Excalibur and my time here since 2016 I think, that kind of behavior is unsavory and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not running down all GM's of course. A damned shame.
  4. Happy holidays!

    I'm sorry but this seems appropriate.