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    I moved across the country and couldn't log in til I got a new pc....I check on my tablet today cuz I just ordered a new PC (well, built...) and this is the news I find...my world just died....I didn't even get to clear BT, and no one really did SSC for the gear I needed....such a sad day for me.... In case they see this, there are a few people I can say I will miss playing with...(cuz it's been like a year since I've played, I wont remember everyone I wanna mention) Epicjake (epic tank in my opinion), most definitely. By far my fav warr tank to roll with in anything...raids, heroics, group quests...he was donwn to help anyone. Katix (and by extension treedfiddy/thundathighs), you helped me lvl my alt priest from lvl 30, and I was holy the whole time...that takes serious character to help that much, then at 70, helped my by getting me into like 3 diff guilds over a 3 year period that helped with raids and hc gear runs, even tho you were a t6 shammy by then lmao.. Critman....not much to say other than I think you'll be more remembered than leeroy Jenkins for us excalibur wow players, especially anyone in STV. Elovia (the one from when it first started, way back when) I remember you as the pally that helped a ton of people with clearing strath and scholo for rep needed for free nax, then clearing naxx with people to get t3 gear. Idk ocf not many people remember the small guild called TRee, but I was in that guild up until like 2015 (by then we had like 6 ppl left) and still took naxx to "the next level" py clearing naxx with ONLY lvl 60's except for one warr or bear tank and one druid or priest healer, and had fun doing it..Elovia was sometimes there as her shammy healer, and sometimes as her rogue she was in the process of twinking out, as ppl from TRee did with their 60-alts..I miss those days. *I cant remember all the names, so if you remember playing with any of my characters listed below, forgive my horrible memory* Characters: Illhealzewe-human priest Gimmiemine-60 twinked undead lock (was only needing MH,OH,and neck to be full naxx geared) Gimmieaheal- 49 twinked orc warrior Gimmieatank- 39 twinked draenei priest Tankersglory- 60 twinked dwarf warrior, was only needing MH, neck, and trinkey to be full naxx geared... Titiania- human pally Gimieyours- human lock Vacen- NE rogue Vertgaliant- orc hunter Ikillewe- troll warr Althene- NE druid Itachidono- draenei mage (*had 29%hit as a damn fire mage lmao,34% in raids) Buhkiki- draenei shammy healer Sixtymage- 60 twinked gnome mage, was only needing 1 trinket and 1 right from naxx, then FULL naxx geared...a shame I couldn't be complete *had a bunch of other misc twinks that I didnt play cuz I didnt get much opportunity to play them cuz of gearing up my "mains"