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  1. Cross-faction Guilds

    I do believe its important to keep it alive. There are many old and new rivalries that are keeping the essence of the game alive, would be a shame to kill them. But on the other hand it would be amazing to find a way to speed up the BG queue time, not an easy thing to do of course. In a way tho if someone wants to play a BG, 8/10 people will wait 10+ minutes anyway imo.
  2. Cross-faction Guilds

    Tell me more in DM plx.
  3. Cross-faction Guilds

    If you put me on the same team as Olana I will hire Russian hackers to destroy you. Jokes ofc. On a serious note, in some way crossBGs would help the server BGque to be A LOT faster, but on the other side, some people really do take their side pretty serious, and you would "kill the game" for them. So there are + and - on both sides of it I guess. P.S. Love you Olana. <3