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  1. Vote event May

    that was fucked up economy, myself have cca 15 accs, if i commited could get 750 gold daily, 5k weekly and 23.6k monthly and 283k yearly wouldnt have to farm anymore at all pretty much, cause weekly voting gold would pay for my consums
  2. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    all good bro ^^ exca community is acctually really okay compared to warmane lol that shit is toxic as hell
  3. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    nah man, i am not like that, i was agreeing with guy that said "go fuck yourself", if ppl acctually educated themselves about how server -> host -> client is acctually working we wouldnt have such toxic comments
  4. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    yeah man, its easier to be ignorant
  5. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    gangsta rap made 'em do it...
  6. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    i cant believe i am actually meeting most of these guys in wow
  7. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    dinner time!
  8. Social Media and Twitch!

    ouu niceeee, imma follow right away
  9. Free Faction Change Event!

    when switching from horde to alliance, does any rep suffer? apart from obvious Alliance/Horde factions rep? thanx!