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  1. Cross-faction Guilds

    Please don't make arena crossfaction, everything else is fine I guess. I think we are unique on this cross faction thing(Are we, I don't know).
  2. j3vNQ57.png

  3. Easter holidays

    Thats a bit often, we just had some on xmas!
  4. Hot stuff :*

    1. Sky


      you areeeeeeeeeee  :x

  5. Happy holidays!

    If they give credits, its fine. If they don't - oh well. I think this year we were bad community and we don't really deserve gifts, but this is entirely other topic.
  6. Happy holidays!

    GLAIVES FOR EVERYONE. YOU GET GLAIVES AND YOU GET GLAIVES! AND 30000000 credits. Stop dreaming there, lover boy. I am ready to get into my usual "Excaliburisawesomethanksforgiftswhydopeoplenotappreaciateit" mood. Thanks to Excalibur Staff once more. :))
  7. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    omg this is amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!
  8. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Perhaps it would be too many gifts. Maybe something else could be thought of for arena.
  9. Spooky Haloween sale!

    Burrrrrrrrrrrning sales guys and gals.
  10. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Nonsense, work for your rewards like everyone else, you bloody peasants.
  11. Social Media and Twitch!

    We can also encourage people with rates or something for reaching certain activity on social media. Facebook is getting to 6 k likes soon, how about something small for it. The more social interactions we have, the more popular we will get. p.s. perhaps if you wont take donations, you might not get banned in twitch, but you know, my information source is: "dude trust me".
  12. New Battleground Activity Feature

    I can't believe my eyes this has happened, this is quite awesome. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Vote event September

    why be happy with a a 15th,if you can be 10 th? VOTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE