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  1. 3 hours ago, Tbar said:

    Would be really awesome to transfer the DB to a fresh starting WotLK server to continue our characters epic journey onwards!  That way our BiS still has use but will also enable progression for years to come on a whole new expansion!

    Tbh yes.It  feels like the only way to keep the database and people, give them something new and dont flood some  elses servers tbc community with bis geared people.  



    on the other hand... shouldn’t things have  been arranged before making the goodbye post? I mean the transfer possibility? I am sure a thought crossed your mind that people still want to be together even when you want it gone? now its the other way around. Still, I hope you arent just giving us foolish hope.


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  2.   many things could have been fixed. You just weren’t here when we needed you most. You abandoned us. As we are just “subjects” to you.

    you have stopped carrying and yet were too selfish to transfer something you created to someone else and let it be enjoyed. Rather you would see it dead.

      okay then. Best of luck, almost no hard feelings. I was very emotionally invested in this server once and I have no regrets, it was what I wanted at the time.


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  3. 1 hour ago, Thegreatsale said:


    It's got something to do with freedom of speech and free sharing of individual opinion. Something that has been violated by some gm's many times before on previous forum by editing, hiding, deleting, muting,... 


    Besides supporting liberal constitution rights I believe that a feedback no matter what it looks or sounds like is a gift for the individual or party receiving it.

    Freedom of speech exist, but normally forums have rules, sections and in general appropriate places to express that opinion. This is happy holidays thread, not "Gaming Spoiled brats support group".

    Constantly being negative and shitting on everything should be toned down a little and if people can't understand themselves how and what is okay to say... Well maybe moderation should be implied. 

    In this topic specific, if your kids or spouse said things about your gift, would you consider it freedom of speech or plain rude.

    "Dad, no wonder you bought us cheap Chinese dolls, not real Barbies, you just want to save money, all you care about is yourself DAD".

    Would you proceed to parent them or just let them disrespect you?

    "Well next year my little princesses are getting some coal barbies for X-mas".


    Consider this X-mas officially COALd for. 



  4. To Anyone complaining about not getting things they take for granted....

    You are rude. Complaining about a fucking gift and asking why they don’t get more. Few xmas ago, when we used to get random amount of credits(800), people would complain how it is not enough.also, about the time to claim the gift being not long enough. 

    Is it ever just good enough? Are you dense, I am tempted to log just to fucking gank you repeatedly.


    And why is this shitty offtopic even allowed  in this “happy holidays topic”.

    Why the messages aint deleted? Why people not warned for gm disrespect?

    why people not warned for toxic posts? Why I am not warned?

    I demand warns for everyone(me included)!


    p.s. half joking about the warns. 





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  5. 2 minutes ago, Bon said:

    Hey, you're alive and well! I'm glad to see that!

    On a side note, how do you people fail so hard at writing the phrase "stop whining"?

    Are you all pregananant? :D


    Haaa, I thought I managed to fix it in time, but no no :D.

    I don’t know why I wrote it like this, crossed eyes from anger while reading the topic.

    “oh there was a tradition for you to give me free stuff”. What the fuck is that. What the fuck.

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  6. I am fucking sure that all of you complaining about credits, in the event of your personal business failing, you would also just give out free goods and services!

     Get real and stop whining  for once.



    Angry person

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  7. 27 minutes ago, Denagul said:

    I can't blame the staff for wanting to just be generous and not do perhaps the most optimal marketing research that would bring the best results...like it's christmas, not a business transaction 

    If they give credits, its fine. If they don't - oh well.


    I think this year we were bad community and we don't really deserve gifts, but this is entirely other topic. 

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  8. We can also encourage people with rates or something for reaching certain activity on social media.

    Facebook is getting to 6 k likes soon, how about something small for it. 

    The more social interactions we have, the more popular we will get.


    p.s. perhaps if you wont take donations, you might not get banned in twitch, but you know, my information source is: "dude trust me".

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  9. 10 minutes ago, yaaboo said:

    Only need to be in the top 15 for those sites and we are , we have met the targets easily.


    why be happy with a a 15th,if you can be 10 th?





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  10. 7 minutes ago, Zumpa said:

    Meh, i think that was mistake from ExStaff. If it was limited, it will be better than present situation. I was several bgs after this event (ali and horde ofc) and both sides are messed up. This server is no more PVP. Only 1-2 Bgs at all time (playn' mornin' times and late nights too, sometimes spams bgs all day). Ppls leaving, afking if they saw the score or they are unable to do something in bgs. Both sides farms honors years for S2 items for start. I remember situation before this event on my balance druid (end of year 2017). I was full S2 with vindi and guard in 3 weeks and have same online time/spams bgs time. With shp, 5 days and have only insignia. Rly bad. Hope new players and old core stay cos of friends and social. But, thats not my situation. Maybe i will log on, but that server ends for me with PVP. Rly dont wanna farm honors and sit behind pc day and night for a week for 1 S2 item cos of leaving ppls, which they think the same.

    I am sorry to hear that, but it is these things are what you said they are - your opinion. Not facts.

    The facts were that the population of horde was bigger, we had to balance it out. It worked in the past, I don't see how faction change makes people afk, leave or get less honor.


    It's true, there is a  big social side on this game and this patch specifically.  But to announce that this is no longer a pvp server is rather strong. Nothing really changed. You seem more unhappy about the community behaviors. 


    What could be done about people "afking" would be a different topic. If you have ideas how to improve rules, please make suggestions on forums.

    Can't stop people from leaving though - its their right to not stay at something that they consider a waste of time, that is causing them negative feelings or simply bore them, this isn't a rated bg - you do not lose rating from such behavior.


    Don't blame the faction change...

  11. 27 minutes ago, Ziorthedood said:

    Ye lets put up every 2-3 month double wait why not quadruple rates for 2-3 month so ye roughly when they end lets renew them again hmm i think rates x8 or x16 are abit low lets go perma x100 rates for all the time. And why not for example if u are level 70 why instead of 1 gift lets go for 10 gift items hell why not. Note: no this is not real its sarcasm

    reminds me of