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  1. Summer Arena Season - Cash Prizes!

    bro u have to wait and ask for BG que here. and in arenas they have their alts on each arena npc's so whenever u que they que 2k++ toons to farm rating for these prizes? u kiiding me.
  2. Summer Arena Season - Cash Prizes!

    bro wait what? already the server's PVP standing is very low. Arenas are like its 1500 vs 2k+ already. what kind of contest is this bro??? i mean it is just disgusting to see the PVP going this way. these dudes with 2k+ rating dont even que each other. they wait for folks who tryna get Arena points for gloves or maybe a leg. There is no contest inside arenas and its sad. And battlegrounds current status: 61 lvl 1v1 AV WSG 5v 3 AB 9v 10 EOTS 1v1
  3. Free Faction Change Event!

    Well the Faction changed didn't helped out.