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  1. Vote event June

    Well with battlegrounds we have battleground activity feature 10 daily games completed = 10 Badge of Justice 20 daily games completed = Baby Shark 50 daily games completed = 3 Black Sack of Gems 100 daily games completed = Green Dragon Orb and 20 Large Blue Rocket Cluster etc, maybe there could be something like this for voting, little bonuses for milestones.
  2. Vote event June

    A couple ideas, I notice lately it is hard for fresh 70s to get into dungeons, maybe you could add level 70 dungeon set pieces for vote points and/or Badge of justice gear (not the badges themselves). Another thing I thought of is maybe a voting activity feature like you have with battlegrounds could maybe help incentivize people to vote and help bring in new players.
  3. Vote event June

    awesome <3
  4. Vote event June

    "We will be looking into improving vote events and events regarding double rates in the coming days." any news on this?