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  1. All good things

    Idk how many transfers were you guys tru and on any of them a server was live when the staff from the new server that you are transferring onto were processing it. They were logging your character zipping its info into a file than retransferring said character onto new realm. After it was transferred - in most cases it was only than deleted from previous server's database. In most cases it was done like that. Some transfers especially to a wotlk / cata realms were keeping the characters on the old server untouched. Though on the same patch as from 2.4.3 to 2.4.3 no matter the char's progression in every single case it was deletion after transfer was proceeded. No matter what the case though be it from tbc to wotlk + realm or any realm that the original character was at - the staff had to LOG your character to confirm that your'e its owner by simply put giving the staff your account info. After confirmation info was gathered as said above and thing was ongoing. There are ways around that like making the possibility for account's owner to zip the info into a file and send that account file to the future server's admin but its actually requiring an existing dev to make it happen. Do we have one? NO. Thats the major problem with this.
  2. All good things

    8 days left. This is high time to say we are going to either have transfers and onto which realm or that we won't have any transfers ongoing. 21st is a deadline as far as its coming from the opening post of this thread. Any information will be revealed soon enough like in two days or so or the rumours will stay rumours and won't come true? Keeping players like this until the deadline is about to be hit isn't going to make it anywhere good cause we won't have time to make the said transfers. Its not done in an instant this takes time for both the future server's admins and current ones to share the data. And also for players to move. Creating accounts moving onto server lvling enough so you can talk than speaking to the gm's when the transfer is beeing proceeded - it doesn't take like only 5 mins as far as the account creation is proceeded but some more. And with our huge playerbase that has 70 lvl characters that they are willing to have some sort of use with moving this many chars at once requires lots of patience if players are to make the transfer themselves. Unless youre planning to move everyone at lvl 70 with one go automatically. So how is it admins? Do we sink or do we swim and when?
  3. All good things

    @ UP - well i think Deathwing already has some plans in Cataclysm
  4. All good things

    Mad or not the time is nigh. What lurkers actually care is to inspect the forums like last week prio to the shutdown to see if its official memo of the transfers ongoing like anywhere cause people do want to have a backup plan while finding a goot tbc realm. Me myself will definitely pick up a tbc realm thats gonna be a pve one so pvp scumbags can go f*)(*) themselves;p I hate pvp for a long time. Be it waiting for a server like that to be having maybe 200-300 online tops i dont care as long as it is scripted properly and i can find a good guild on that server ill gladly join that ;p But i think that blizz will sooner relaunch a BC on retail servers than i will see a private server with said online;p
  5. All good things

    Talk about a savage comment in response ;ppp
  6. All good things

    From which manga is that little crazy thing on your avatar Alucard?;p
  7. All good things

    Who would like to go to a ghost town for no reason? Or maybe you would call becoming a ghost yourself booger?;p Nah ill bail out of this one ;p
  8. All good things

    To hell with FF. ;p Wanna be good game ;p
  9. All good things

    Sigh guess i have to repeat myself over and over. Whats left is to judge your actions. And nothing else. Players have already moved elsewhere myself included and all that we are actually interested is what well be left with. No one will say a word about where to well only see for ourselves if its a worthy move to go along with what you will have in store for us or just go somewhere else that most of us have already chosen i guess. No hard feelings its just gonna be like that ;p
  10. All good things

    You realise that deadline is closing by right?
  11. All good things

    So still no memo on transfers? Any kind of date we should check the forum like one last time in search of the news if its coming true or not and will it be displayed at server's main webpage?
  12. All good things

    @Azelen we've had some talk in shattrath with ruby about it. My point remains the same. If its not a tbc realm anywhere with at least professions transferred alongside riding skills its not even worth bothering myself with the transfer at all. To go to any wrath realm and have problems with golds is a bit weird to say the least. Wrath gets boring. Wannabe blizz likerealms that are buffing / nerfing contents on wotlk pve content are a laughing stockpile for me. Either pre-nerf or retail like patches when the content is ongoing or its a no go. And on a retail like content u gear entire guild in month since reaching 80 lvl and in 1 week u progress current content no more than u wait 2-3 months depending on the scripting speed of the devs for new one progress it again with 1 week than ure logging offline getting bored.
  13. All good things

    Any chance of letting us know if and on which realm there are ongoing transfer discussions between staff members? Some people would like to know if this transfer talk won't be just another rumour.
  14. All good things

    Hopefully well have a transfer to a TBC realm. Havin the accounts transferred to a wotlk realm will be kind of useless for them.
  15. All good things

    I played TBC for a reason. There are some beefs that i still have with this expansion. And it was no other expansion that was so addictive as this one. Not even Legion which was great was the greatest of them all because THIS is what tbc is for me. So if admins and gms can help us with what little work we've spent here to not be wasted than i would very much like to betransferred towards a TBC realm. Grinding lvls is just annoying if we could skip only that and at least save riding and professions this would have had helped a bunch.