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  1. All good things

    https://discord.gg/2YwYEwY New Server with Excalibur script + Improved launching tomorrow! Entropius TBC! You will be able to transfer your toons on it when it progress through patches in about a year! Until then come play fresh toons and then add Exc toons on top of them!
  2. All good things

    video how to upload Exc toon on Entropius https://discord.gg/DtDSe4R Entropius Discord
  3. Transfers and more

    This new project is not trying to recover any “damage done to Exc reputation” its a new project that will eventually allow people who wants to play their Exc toons to do so eventually. its trying to recover Exc reputation as much as Dalaran or Smolderforge who are supposedly going to allow transfer.
  4. Transfers and more

    Later there will be an archive realm and eventually we will get to play Exc toons there.
  5. Transfers and more

    @Cremario https://discord.gg/2YwYEwY ptr and web page could be any day if not hour, they are waiting on a “machine” to be delivered to put things in motion
  6. All good things

    @pelevin the server script and data was given to someone else and they are using it to start a fresh tbc server. more info: https://discord.gg/k9daNH its not up yet but it’s coming soon , should be 1-2months and we will probably get to play old toons on ptr.
  7. All good things

    In the end, if you want to find people/advertise, use discord/WhatsApp if that’s what your guild use. You won’t get many ppl from the forum here.
  8. Transfers and more

    @Gejzer theres more to it than just being fresh, hint word “archive” but if you cant be bothered trying to find more its your loss
  9. Transfers and more

    @Praxie the server script was bought and work is being put in reviving Exc.
  10. Crazydamn? From unknown?


    - Praxie

    1. Carebot


      Crazydam or Craycray for you old friend :) 

  11. Transfers and more

    8 year old dont even give sign of being infected because of strong imunity , elderly people are the one that die from it, so dont worry
  12. All good things

    https://discord.gg/4FnTKN it expire after 24h so i will re post daily
  13. All good things

    https://discord.gg/4CCHTG not sure how long it last
  14. All good things

    https://discord.gg/XquU2K new Excalibur discord! Join to read more!
  15. Transfers and more

    Well I wish it was like that, how is it going for you? Any luck finding a tbc server that want us? You contacted them? True, on the other hand any effort they do for us right now is their good will, they are not indebted to any of us to help us, the server could have had closed anytime, well it did I know and they could have just said "bye bye c ya was fun, play on a different server Excalibur is over" What could you do about that? NOTHING. Instead they gave us a tool to more or less salvage our toons and if someone has the skills and funds to continue Excalibur, he can! They could have had been assholes about this situation and not bother with us at all, just like most servers would/did in the past, they just close. Take for example Nostalrius, they closed the server after Blizzard law attacks, did they offer people a tool to transfer their toons? Nop, good bye c ya it was fun, hope you continue playing wow! 1 year later Elysium happened etc. but it was not planned at shut down.