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  1. All good things

    How to get into a t6 raiding guild on Netherwing fast if a veteran SWP player? Just tell people in t6 guilds you can advise them about how to do SWP as its behind the corner lol, you get a spot to just to advise them! Not that I have done it though, just saying
  2. All good things

    The only way I can see EXC Database being absorbed by another server and us not losing anything is by getting our own realm. Which would cause that realm to be less likely to be joined for same reason EXC was during this years though?
  3. All good things

    RIP Excalibur, been a pleasure and looking forward for that update of character transfer or what ever else happen.
  4. In retroperspective I should have had left Unknown when I got BIS on my mage and not try to make it great again.

  5. When you say a guild is going to go down, it actually happen, from 90mins SWP to 3-4hours SWP clear, you rub it in a member of the guild face and they gank your low level alt for that. Is that the screams of a dying guild?  The bias is real. 


  6. Who should understand, will understand. :D