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  1. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    Its not Excalibur that decided when it will be done. Its the provider.
  2. Badges of Justice have returned to Vanilla raids!

    Because its easy to go straight to last boss and skip all other bosses.
  3. Vote event January

    I have seen discount happen on Valentines day so I guess you could hope for that, its in 1 month.
  4. Happy holidays!

    How is the prices on ah related to how much money "some people" have? It is but not that much. What decide the price on ah is the: 1. Amount of that item that is being put on ah. 2. The demand. 3. Of course how much people have but that's an average number how much people have, a few people being rich wont affect the price so much. With a lot of credits there will be more quantity on the ah, the demand will be even less than usual because who need an item will maybe get it with the credits he received = the price will drop. And saying it will "ruin" is a way too strong word. I actually didn't even say 1500 will affect the economy strongly, I said giving MORE than 1.5k would be giving too much and this is just enough to not shake the economy of valuable BOE.
  5. Happy holidays!

    I am not worried, it wont be 2 bad but some people are greedy and always ask for more, more would be bad, thats what I am saying, this is already more than enough.
  6. Happy holidays!

    I think it's better we get 1000 credits, last year it was 1500 as far as I remember and that's too much imho. First of all, people have a lot of accounts with level 70 on it (50+ even more I guess) and credits = gold, when people get credits they sometimes dont buy gear to upgrade their toon they buy items to sell so Xmas credits & other gifts from the server are like tsunami of items on the ah/market of Excalibur. The prices go down and if you actually won a valuable item..... well you are out of luck because there were free Xmas credits. Second, if they would give 1000, you cant buy armor/weapon for that much, even with the discount which mean they would have to buy credits = server profit, the server then does not give free item, it gives you a big help but you still need to add some money to get the item you want. From my experience, when people start thinking of buying something cheap and see offers of better stuffs i.e. packages of credits in our case, they often end up buying something more expensive. I remember there was once a time EXC gave less than 1.5k and I ended up adding 5euros of credits on each account I wanted to buy something.
  7. Happy holidays!

  8. New Battleground Activity Feature

    If this is giving good results what about doing the same/simillar for arena?
  9. Vote event August

    I think there's a blue chat post from the server being posted to check the forums for more info.
  10. In retroperspective I should have had left Unknown when I got BIS on my mage and not try to make it great again.

  11. When you say a guild is going to go down, it actually happen, from 90mins SWP to 3-4hours SWP clear, you rub it in a member of the guild face and they gank your low level alt for that. Is that the screams of a dying guild?  The bias is real. 


  12. Who should understand, will understand. :D


  13. Summer Arena Season - Cash Prizes!

    I believe they want to make arena more attractive through this. Lets see how it goes.
  14. Voting event is back!

    Drop rate aka drop chance. Higher chance for items to drop, i.e. lets say sunmote drop rate is 2% during that time it will be 4%.