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  1. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    Wrong link on 1st post. It is https://www.twitch.tv/excaliwow
  2. Cross-faction Guilds

    20hours to get s2 and 3 weeks to have 2x s4 armor? You are good at math Full s2/weps and accessories is like 175k+ honor and marks. If you are lucky to get 2k honor per hour...thats like ~90hours which is about right. Arena ~225 points for 10 losses (you are undergeared, can't expect to win). For example Gloves and Pants(requires 1550 rating) it's 3000 arena points, which will take you about 13 weeks if you are low rating.
  3. Cross-faction Guilds

    xfaction BG is a double edge sword. It will kill faction/player rivalry(some players might be upset and leave the server) but provide better queue times mainly for horde. As for arena, maybe it will turn some combos even more powerful due racial mixing. I don't agree with that being xfaction.
  4. Vote event May

    3000g free gold per month was alot.