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  1. Transfers and more

    since smolderforge doesnt allow transfers of warglaives, does it allow thoridals to be transfered?
  2. All good things

    Not much to say here. Population was very low for an extended period of time, everyone should be surprised how long the server was still going. the usual private server only lasts a couple of years so excalibur already is a special snowflake in that regard. i am as sad as everyone else about the news : / and i dont think ill be able to transfer a swp bis char and get the same gear on another realm after transfering. Out of the few TBC private servers i tried, this one was the best by far, sad to see it end. So much memories. Goodbye and thank you. Kkyeyo/Kkyy/Yokkye/Ralfrolf/Tasbot P.S: my pet is the BIS kil jaeden tank :