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  1. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    You mean you thought Varikina was female and Nerokk male?
  2. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    Just so you know Nerokk will be writing up a synopsis of what was discussed and posting it later on.
  3. Emergency Server Maintenance

    The server is down for an emergency maintenance, expected to come back online in a few hours. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Vote event May

    All other aspects are automatically adjusted and are not affected by your xp rate settings. They will affect all players and as a server wide setting, are unalterable by the individual.
  5. Vote event May

    That is correct. Server default value (for new accounts/characters) is XP 2 (double Blizzlike rates). During bonus periods you need to change it to XP 4 with the command: .xp 4 You only need to type it once and it will remain at XP 4 as long as the bonus rates remain active. Droprates etc remain server wide, so even without typing .xp 4 you still benefit from everything else, it is only the XP that doesn't benefit. Once the period of double rates is finished, it automatically defaults back to XP 2. Setting XP to either 0 (no XP gain) or 1 (normal Blizzlike rates) with .xp 0 and .xp 1 respectively will set those rates, and those rates will remain at that setting until you choose to change it again. Regards~
  6. Vote event February

  7. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    There is nothing to worry about on that score.
  8. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    We are as frustrated as you are at this time. We passed on the information as was provided to us at the outset for the expected duration, but unfortunately there is little we can do to bypass their maintenance requirement. Regards~
  9. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    Please keep in mind this is not Excalibur maintenance, this is the host. Whilst we apologise for the delay, there is little we can do about it. Regards~
  10. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    No we are still offline at the moment.
  11. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

  12. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    The server is currently offline for host maintenance. Shouldn't be too long now. Keep in mind it did not actually go offline until almost 17:25. Regards~
  13. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    It shouldn't cause any problem. The credits are via the webstore, and the items should be in your mail when we return.
  14. Happy holidays!

    No they do not, they remain once claimed until redeemed.
  15. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    12:01 pm is midday.