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  1. I've been calling Excalibur-wow my second home for quite a few years.Every since the expansion of the private servers has stalled,i've been looking for a good TBC server to play on.I still farm mats from time to time,but it's saddening to see that the server feels quite abandoned now like there's no desire for improvement,instead it's slowly dying.I can name a few worse private servers that have success,but excalibur is not there,this server is good,has decent players and quite a mature community.This server needs some serious advertising and updated vote shop,there's the same items for years ever since people could not vote for gold anymore.Also i feel that the removal of BOJ from classical raids was a mistake,and adding 5 of them to the last boss will not fix it,because people want to go through the whole raid instead of rushing to the last boss,just for nostalgia purposes,and it feels more rewarding 1boj/boss.Thank you for all these years,and i hope it runs for 10 more.

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