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  1. Cross-faction Guilds

    Patife19, I agree, you are right to some degree. I did just make lazy estimates based off my own experiences. Ok. 20 hours of BG play actually does feel pretty accurate to me, to get all the epics(ok, minus the top rank trinket). And as for arena, I think the flush comes every 5 days, right? And 300 points is more realistic, I suck at pvp and i still go up against other sucky players who just want the 10 games, so I go like 2 wins, 8 losses usually. So das 1200 after 20 days. Enough for gloves. And then about 25-30 days to get the pants(dont say 1550 rating is hard to get). 3 weeks for 1x bis pvp item. Another 4 weeks for the 2nd bis item. And considering how easy it is, and how it only takes 30m-1h per flush to achieve, seems like a reasonable hurdle to put between a newcomer and their dream of being very reasonably geared in BG's. Edit: Fuckit, ok, I'm sorry. 30 hours of BG gameplay for all the s2.
  2. Cross-faction Guilds

    I always solved the long BG queues by logging to my Alliance mirror(mirror apart from racials) character. And also I think the 'im in blues and dont play pvp cause i get rekt by epic pplz' argument is weak... It isnt THAT hard to just grind out the s2 set in like 20 hours of gameplay, so you become on par with the majority of players in BG's. And if you want, you can also go get deestroyed in arenas for half an hoir a week. And in like 3 weeks you will have 2x S4 armour and will have a very nice gear quality for BG's.
  3. Cross-faction Guilds

    For BG's too. The guy that rolled alliance stealth class in order to never have to deal with being up against someone with Perception is gonna be screwed. And what about the people who really hate some people on the opposite faction? They will have to play with them in their team.
  4. Cross-faction Guilds

    "Make Arena/BG crossfaction" Nooooooooo
  5. Emergency Server Maintenance

    Patience, discipline, and IRL. I think these are the three unforgivable curses for an Excaliburwow player...
  6. Badges of Justice have returned to Vanilla raids!

    Well it worked well for you maybe, but it was obviously changed for a reason.. I think I vaguely remember their reason for decreasing the amount of BoJ rewarded from vanilla raids, that it was just too easy and quick to farm out tonnes of BoJ, especially on content not relevant to TBC. So people were just skipping too much TBC content by face-rolling vanilla raids every 4 days(or whatever the reset interval was) and buying BoJ gear.
  7. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Another great addition.... Glad to see that you're willing to compromise some part of "blizzlike" if the reason is good enough. As always thank you so much Excalibur team for all your work, ESPECIALY in the last month or so.
  8. Vote event April

    My name is jeff