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  1. All good things

    Now they just need to close all the other games I am addicted to.
  2. All good things

    15 online! 2 people in BG queue! Let's go!
  3. All good things

    Long time no see. After 13 years of playing WoW I get burnt out every now and then, but Excalibur was always a nice place come home to, even if there was only 500 people home. 😢 Me and my friend (mostly known by the worst nickname of Excal history "Djrapcatpoop") found this server on March 2017, we were a bit late to the party so we played 25 hours per day to make up for it. I must have spent like 200€ in the item store on my first two months here, since I was addicted to making new characters. 🤐 Knaittiz/Knaittizhehe/Bragrikmvp/Larrydavid/Georgecostnz/forgot the rest signing out 😎7