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  1. VidCon 2018

    I woulda record somethin but my pc is deded and cant play for now.
  2. Happy holidays!

    Its normal u cant do much about it but i can tell you that new players that dont have gold are buying items/lvls and the ppl who are gold capped they dont spend that gold anyway
  3. Happy holidays!

    Friday 21st of December 12:00
  4. Happy holidays!

    Why onnly 30000 k credits lets go one quadrillion credits and why just glaives for all lets get everybody shadowmournes also plus a boost to 255 level
  5. VidCon 2018

    Dont worry baumchen my dud i got you i already have some ideas for the music Aqua - Barbie Girl Little big - big dick Rebeca black - friday
  6. Vote event October

    Well there was some changes that were not bad but population went down abit since them you cant 100 % say they had an impact in population drop but u can theorize the change im talking about is for example 50g per vote point thing that used to exist personaly i liked the change but it coulda hurt the pop in someway overtime
  7. Vote event October

    So any idea supported by majority of the server would be error proof then?
  8. Vote event August

    Vote minimal 10 times a month or ur character will vanguish event
  9. Voting event is back!

    Ye lets put up every 2-3 month double wait why not quadruple rates for 2-3 month so ye roughly when they end lets renew them again hmm i think rates x8 or x16 are abit low lets go perma x100 rates for all the time. And why not for example if u are level 70 why instead of 1 gift lets go for 10 gift items hell why not. Note: no this is not real its sarcasm