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  1. All good things

    I guess they might have policy where they dont want other servers to make advertisment page out of the forums. I kinda get you and them also.
  2. Transfers and more

    You forgot to tell youre a 8 year old boy traped in a 30 year old body i mean thats kinda true for most guys.
  3. All good things

    I took this oportunity in server closure to move along and go do something else whether its more family time more sports activity or just entertainment in more social way like meeting friends for a beer or go bowling. Could be good idea i thought id share with you as a mate and former guildie server closing could be blessing in disguise.
  4. All good things

    Yeah i get your point all im saying is that GMs are not in charge of the server they are just like twitch channel moderators they are just casual players that are active enough and keen on becoming a GM and doing the work of organizing events keeping the world chat administration helping ppl ingame with some problems and stuff like that. And yeah im sure id be upset if i donated a decent amount of cash too the thing is i could kinda feel that something like this was kinda coming idk how long you play here but many people felt that the server closure is on the corner.
  5. All good things

    Blame Gms for server ownership decisions and management insult them and end your post with peace. Hehe youre mad lad bruh.
  6. All good things

    You should be happy if there would be anytype of transfer at all wheather its wotlk/tbc being naked if you expect that some diffrent server will accept all those bis toons into their comunity to a tbc server youre foolish. Me personaly im very suspicious of any type of a transfer at all it could be a move to make you still play the game without thinking this all is going to go to waste. Which if you play for gear and not interactions with other players and the gameplay itself youre dooomed already anyway.
  7. All good things

    Nah theres plenty SWP farmers on this forum most of the server is pve and jumping thru content fast atleast it used to be like that when pop was higher i have way more hours spent in SWP than all the other raids combined on this server and theres ton of this type of dudes here.
  8. Happy holidays!

    Bro dont give yourself false hope, you will be disapointed trust me. And it makes you look like a fool. I would want the server to be alive and well but we dont always get what we want.