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  1. All good things

    Since Excalibur is finally done, I want to say few words. In my opinion, it was indeed the best private server I played on. Of course I had some issues with few players who pissed me off, but compared to other servers and the bullshit I went through there, Excalibur was indeed great. Also, Excalibur was one of the friendliest servers I played on and there was a really small amount of bugs, unlike Feenix WoW for example. I liked the level 70 gift system as it really boosts your comfidence heading into heroics and raids. Hopefully, private TBC gaming will live on since it is by far my favourite expansion. Thank you all for keeping this alive for so many years. Mikro Mikraa Piinkylol Gawdlim Aralle
  2. All good things

    It was an honor playing on this server- hopefully we will be able to transfer our characters or someone will get the server back. I will stay tuned and will continue playing until closure.