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  1. Happy holidays!

    I cannot wait anymore to see my gift ! I wish a ban hammer or a mute and kick hammer !
  2. Network maintenance

    Yeah,right.Play rogue and sap someone.you cannot even cheap or garrote because is always too far away even when you are almost in front of them.It was not like this before..something happened and the curiosity is killing me to find out what .Devs said is because the latency between players.Well,i tested with someone with 30 ms at the time when i had 40 ms and we still had a very small delay between us outside shatt.When we tried again in Eos. with 7v7 teams if i remember right,it was horrible.we was out of sync a lot .For me he was dodging my hits with the back on me.I don`t want to be mean or rude but playing as melee in bgs is very hard.Not gonna say warrior intercept,druid charge etc is almost impossible to avoid with blink because all i see is them blinking near me but with a small delay so i cannot blink and avoid it.when the stun debuff is applyed.at the same time i already take 1-2 hits before i am able to see them doing that hits to me even if they charge from 20-25 yards away.How can i get rid of this,please ?
  3. Network maintenance

    Hope this will fix the out of sync troubles in bgs ( Melee lag ) ^^
  4. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Bgs are fun..when horde does not have 3-4 healers every wsg ^^
  5. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Challenge accepted. ^^
  6. New Battleground Activity Feature

    I missed a thing,so you say if i play for example 5 bgs / day only 1 is counted ?
  7. New Battleground Activity Feature

    I will start by saying sorry for bad english So what about the old players ? for example i play here for like ..idk,arround 5-6y i guess.And for sure i am not the only 1 who plays here from years ago so i want to ask if there is a way for old players to benefit of this ? if i count all my pvp activity on chars i can reach 200k lifetime kills and everyone arround knows i dont do arena and just bgs.I say it because many of us already spent a lot of time doing bgs .I am grateful to see some staff members after so many years started to apply those stuffs but if it counts only from the day it was applyed,in my opinion is not fair.I dont really use credits but maybe others do.
  8. Vote event May

    I am voting but doing all that chaptcha things or how they are called is a pain in the back for me. Seems i am forced to do them even when trying to log on site and vote..pfu
  9. Free Faction Change Event!

    And i was hoping to see some healers on alli side...
  10. Free Faction Change Event!

    No,the scryers/aldor for example remain the same.Also for Hellfire Heroics you will need to have Honored on Alliance too beacause if you have the horde key you cant enter in heroic mode.Hope it helps ^^
  11. Free Faction Change Event!

    do it !
  12. Free Faction Change Event!

    Yes sorry wanted to say that i was distracted with something and i did not noticed.Wanted to know why only horde to alliance.Thanks ^^
  13. Free Faction Change Event!

    Why only Alliance to Horde ?
  14. Happy Easter!!

    Happy Cutelicious Easter,Cookies ! ^,^
  15. Voting event is back!

    Good ideea Thanks. ^^