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  1. Double rates November

    It would be cool to get a x4 for thanksgiving as well
  2. Double rates

    May I make a request to extend the xp4 time until say 5am Monday morning... Being a NA player I'm sitting here on what would be a thriving Sunday night with lots of content being ran, but instead population is pretty low. Can us NA players get some love every once in a while? You guys start xp4 while us NA players are at work and basically only get 1 and 1/2 days to really even enjoy xp4. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Vote event March

    I voted yesterday and didn't receive any credit and today I noticed one of the websites, gtop100.com, isn't working correctly. Is this issue happening to anyone else? These next questions are more me just thinking out loud, but could this deter people from voting because nobody else is getting their voting points. If nobody else is getting voting points is this going to reduce the likelihood that this server will reach its goal and thus have double rates. Just a question and some thoughts I had.