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  1. Double rates August

    Thanks for the extra time for na players
  2. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    Be nice if new people can see forums and know we are alive and kicking
  3. Cross-faction Guilds

    Myself I would love it being able to kill friends on the same faction as me. And the balance of the teams on bgs would make bging fun again not 1v2 then 15 mins later 2v2 but you already lost the match by then.
  4. Cross-faction Guilds

    Mostly the horde queuing are bis for pvp and ally is blue if it made it crossfacti9n some bis will be on one team and some bis ppl will be on the other team. It also will cancel out the players that log an ally toon to get there horde toon in que. Make these un even bgs fair for once. I rarely see even and fair matches. It's why most players dont even que in bgs and very sure arenas. If you got cross faction bgs and left arenas alone it would be fun again. Even and fair teams. And also if you cant get a long with 1 player on the server of 500 well get used to them or put them on ignore and stop being a bitch. You will see the same people around every day you log. So just ignore and play the game. Dont let one person turn you off from killing people especially carebot always fun killing him!
  5. Cross-faction Guilds

    Defiantly should all BG ppl are horde and if ally que its an undergeared person.