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  1. All good things

    Guys finally Murray is no longer creature of the week . took a decade i think but it was done.
  2. All good things

    Some last words for this wonderful server: Nostalgia and melancholy best summarizes what I’m feeling about the server shutting down. I am glad the GMs didn’t chose to just plug out the power cord, leaving us stranded and angrily going on the forums venting and raging. But instead giving us some time to look back at all the good times we had while playing the game. I remember couple of years ago Dota 2 stopped being fun and I was looking for something else to do, and since real life sucks, I decided to go back to to WoW. I discovered my lvl 70 lock was still not deleted, even though I haven’t visited the server in years, and so the action continued. It was on Excal that I first killed a properly scripted KJ, Muru, Illi and other bosses. I learned how to tank, and generally just how to not be a noob. So many memories of guilds, people, dramas etc, good and bad; but now even the bad memories seem like nice ones. The writing was on the wall about the server dying, now that I think about it, I mean Murray was creature of the week for how many years now? So that’s it. server will be gone and I’ll have to once more crawl out of my cave and see what to do next. New server, some other games… I hate choosing. Btw when will we learn if or where will the server be migrating to? Or we just have to wait for another leaked screenshot I guess 😉 Well best regards to all. will still be logging in and out just to see what’s up though. Sabertron, Wakamon, Kotomaru, Sabershock (adopted toons: Hymuras, Crittokal)