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  1. Transfers and more

    lol, I can vouch for Dalaran, being the server I'm currently active on, though I'd hope we* can coerce a BC server to get on board with this * by "we" I mean other people because I'd hate to make an effort and actually do something about it myself There are actually such guilds on Dalaran, and 70-79 twinking exists
  2. All good things

    Hm shit Unfortunate, considering how very important I was. Hopefully them characters are gonna get saved in some way cause the loss of Huntardation would be on the same level as losing a cultural heritage site. Looks like a shaman tank showed up in my absence. I'm sure he or she must not have been as obnoxious and conceited as I was 5 years ago. And now. Critman is one of the most impressive players I've encountered in a MMO. The few times I've checked on Excalibur over the last years, I was always impressed seeing him still doing...that. Seeing Mubashir in this thread n whatnot, everyone else I knew is probably dead or dying, or worse - married or employed. Since we're sharing memories, let me remind you of how important and cool I was 6 years ago. Don't worry, I've become even cooler and more important now, especially since I now know that ranged auto-attack counts as a cast and prevents avoidance... I chose Excalibur in part because it implemented a function to switch to 1x rates from the default 2x at the right time. I left in part because it felt like it was becoming overmoderated in both pvp (ganking limit) and world chat. I favor servers which let the ignore function and the in-game filter do the moderating, and thus found that my time here was up. Also unfortunate because there are more weird things that I'd like to try and be obnoxious about.