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  1. Happy holidays!

    free credits was a stupid idea in the first place, should have just given us -50% for each years christmas and we´d never whine about why theres no free credits this year, but owner puts little to no thought into server which means such ideas can never sprout so be grateful what u got, instead u whine what u didnt get, server is still up! its a christmas miracle, to be honest, according to gms its been losing money for quite some time now, so stop whining and play with ur friends as long as you can
  2. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    13 now, 12 was last year, time flies, i know
  3. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    also give gold to newbies who ask you, either for gear or leveling up skills couple days ago an orc warrior asked me for 50 gold, gave him 500 instead, he was so happy it made me feel smile and i ll keep giving if someone asks me when im logged also the stream was great
  4. Twitch GM Q+A Session

    about time
  5. Cross-faction Guilds

    well they are not interested in bringing in new ppl thats why i said it, look all of the suggestions which are suggested towards bringing in the new ppl and how many of those great suggestions are actually implemented? pretty much zero i would say. if they are not interested in getting the new ppl then they should atleast try to hold onto the last of us still remaining here. pretty much only the veterans still play bg´s and lately they have been starting to quit as well because who would want to wait so much time on a queue..
  6. Cross-faction Guilds

    to be honest id pretty much see the server alive rather than holding onto the thought of horde vs alliance grudge, at this point it should be clear to all of you big shots that the server is at the all time low and the nr 1 thing atm is to keep it alive smh
  7. Cross-faction Guilds

    make everything crossfaction, otherwise most of the content is unplaytable due to low nr of players what remain in this server, currently rocking a whopping 278 players! 17.30 st
  8. Vote event February

    please discount on store for valentines day! big please
  9. Valentine's Day sales!

    please repeat!
  10. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    excal should buy their own servers not using some shady host zzzz im so fking mad i beat up my fuqqing boxing bag tonight
  11. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    thanks a lot excalibur we were supposed to be raiding today but thanks to your decision to not host server yourself and choosing to host thorugh some 3rd party bullshit we wont be raiding today, thank you
  12. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    ye, id suggest to change ur crappy host asap , our raid was supposed to start an hr ago god damn
  13. Maintenance at 17:00 CET

    server finally going to wotlk probably
  14. Vote event January

    thanks for telling
  15. Vote event January

    could you guys enable discount on store as well? i got couple items in mind i would want to invest in, but wont be able to put that much money in game