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  1. Transfers and more

    f that netherwing server @Bisquit , if all they can do is to get ur toon lvl 60 with 0 professions/gold/rep theres almost 0 win in that transfer, only thing u win is the time u lvl up from 1-60 and thats about it, if your name is taken then u ll have to think a new one, so in the end, its not worth the hassle, better start in a totally fresh server and go from there, talking about endless tbc ofcourse.
  2. All good things

    yeah thats what mraladeen really is, a lazy admin, he should have just sold the server to someone who plays here daily, i know a few quite wealthy individuals including myself who would have been interested in keeping it going, but no, if aladeen loses interest he just closes it, doesnt give a fuck about us players
  3. All good things

    better "lazy leader Aladeen" - we wouldnt be in this situation in the first place if he shifted his ownership to someone more caring
  4. All good things

    someone should buy the server, that only the owners change and nothing else then under new leadership, perhaps things could go for the better if the new owner cares and gives necessary permissions to GMs so they could handle the server what theyve been trying to do the past 2 years new website, better marketing - all that good stuff what this server has missed in the last few years
  5. All good things

    Theres more than enough interest in TBC, you admins were just lazy asses didnt put much effort into the server in the past few years f.e old website, there was told that the new one was ready like a year+ ago also, only means of marketing were through vote sites which almost nobody uses nowadays, it makes me sad to think how many thousands of emails you got out of this, but not once u didnt think of putting together an email to be sent to all of them and pls dont tell that it would have been qualified as a spam, i deal with emails and email marketing daily sad to see such a great server die because of laziness and/or lack of interest, perhaps you should have given the right permissions to a more concerning person who actually cared about the server RIP...