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  1. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    server is finally closed or whats this? : (
  2. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    been here since 2012 on and off, good times
  3. Social Media and Twitch!

    I would advise against streaming at Twitch, they ban wow private server streamers, banning situation has occurred with many streamers already, they all went over to youtube to continue streaming. I would continue to upload videos to excalibur youtube channel and also stream through that.
  4. Vote event October

    Ofc you would start to assume how old i am, i wouldnt except nothing lesser from a prick like you, but one funny thing i noticed tho, you said before that the server is toxic, i think its time to look into the mirror mate, starting to tell things about people crying, i instantly understand that you have a toxic mind haha. also the quote what you brought up here by the great Mahatma Gandhi is absolutely useless in this context here tbh, i have no power whatssoeever to change how the server works and operates, nor i have power to teach manners to kids like you.. sorry for being harsh to you.
  5. Vote event October

    dude, this wasnt even my main point over at suggestions discussion, it was one of many, which would help to improve the server to become better and what you mean about toxic server? this server is like any other server ive played in, some people aret toxic some are not, its their human nature its who they are.. and im not demanding for crying out loud, im only suggesting and if my suggestions are bad in the developers eyes, its fine, its they who lose players, not me and one more thing, what ever you wrote in your point of view doesnt really matter to me, because you dont play any role in this server, except being some guild leader..
  6. Vote event October

    Not really, but whatever decisions GMs come up with, they should do a poll if this should be launched or not. or Come up with 2 similar ideas, but both are a bit different, so server chooses which one to implement.
  7. Vote event October

    @Varikina what you guys should do is a server wide poll to each suggestion, this is the only method to determine if the suggestion is good or not, many decisions what were done by the developers have actually backfired..
  8. Vote event October

    thanks, but it seems to me people who own this server dont care or have the will to put time into this server anymore, i guess its the beginning of the end whats going on atm
  9. Vote event October

    voting doesnt help, this belongs to the past, its should be clear to everyone by now, what does help are the following suggestions what i wrote in the suggestions thread
  10. TBC Nostalgia - Excalibur

    fakin hell if we only had like 2k more ppl playing here in this server QQ owners of this server, do something!!!