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  1. Emergency Server Maintenance

    We are not. It was a joke. Haha! Regards~
  2. Emergency Server Maintenance

    We are slowly getting back online.
  3. Emergency Server Maintenance

  4. VidCon 2018

    Deadline has been reached. Voting will begin soon. Regards~
  5. Happy holidays!

    We do restore specific class-quest/attunement rewards once. Please open a support ticket. Regards~
  6. Server Update - Revision 111b+

    General Cross-Faction chat, mail and grouping has been disabled. Horde and Alliance have once more become mortal enemies. Since PvP is considered to be dead regardless of the actual truth, Excalibur has been set from PvP to PvE Server To balance out the amount of characters per race, race changes to female dwarf (with pigtails) are now free Since we clearly prefer the Horde over the Alliance, Night Elves can no longer become druids New command: .needgm will now send an alert to any GMs mobile phone, so that they may drop their private life and assist you instead New command: .murloc will play the popular murloc_hostile soundfile for players within 20 yards range Whispers to other players are now accurately displayed in a smaller text font size than regular speech. World Environment Moonglade can now only be accessed by Tauren. Zone has been renamed to Mooglade Defias Messenger has been removed from the game. Players weren't able to find him anyway. Archbishop Benedictus has retired. His successor is the new Archbishop Franciscus With Bolvar Fordragon heading to Northrend in preperation for the next update, Stormwind has been claimed by Conquerer Hogger. Feast of Winter Veil has been removed entirely. Somebody has dropped the box with the decorations. The Fruit Vendors cart has been moved. It was about time. New Faction: [Warden's Valley, 90210]. Earning reputation with Maiev Shadowsong and her Sisters will now make them hunt you down... in a romantic way. Items Players in possession of 'Warglaive of Azzinoth' (Off Hand) can no longer loot 'Warglaive of Azzinoth' (Main Hand) after switching guilds The 'Immovable Object' now makes players immune to knockback effects 'Field Repair Bot 110G' now grants access to bank and the auction house for gnome engineers 'Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker' does now mute the owner on equip 'Bottomless Bag' now has only 1 slot. Anything you put inside is lost forever. 'Dragonspine Trophy' is no longer reserved. Quests 'Klaven's Tower' has been completely revamped. Duskwood Chest now requires Lockpicking 65+ 'Mission: Possible But Not Probable' can now be completed by reading the quest log properly 'The Book of Ur' is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray Any Worgs slain for the quest 'Timber Worg Tails' will now drop one tail per Worg. Similar quests about Boar Livers are being looked into. 'Shy-Rotam' had no need for a fix. It works. Promise. 'Bring Me The Egg!' is still active in your questlog. You are level 70 for a while now... just use your flying mount. Mage Mana Emerald has been removed from the game. Mana Ruby is all that you need. The travel distance of Blink has been doubled. However, since your character is blinking, your screen will turn black for 0.75 seconds Added the option to poison conjured Food and Water, to give to your favorite kind of players in the group. Players entering your portals will now automatically transfer 5 gold into your inventory. Warlock 'Drain Soul' does no longer produce a Soul Shard when used on undead, mechanical units or gnomes. Players that joined the raid longer than 10 minutes ago and are still in a capital city can no longer be the target of 'Ritual of Summoning'. 'Shadowbolt' now has a cooldown of 3 seconds, allowing the player to use more than one spell. Priest Fixed an issue that made it possible for Shadow Priests to rival actual damage dealers. 'Psychic Scream' may cause your character to strain its throat, requiring you to type all your commands for the next 2 minutes. Increased Circle of Healings effective range around the target to 30 yards. It's overpowered anyways. Divine Spirit/Prayer of Spirit is now a basic class spell. Placing an undergeared priest alt before the instance portal is no longer required. Rogue Rogues do now skip level 19. Any rogues still at level 19 will be set to level 20 upon their next login Entering Stealth will now play the Mission Impossible theme only for you to hear. Increased the chance to find a rogue that bothered leveling up Lockingpicking by 30%. Added a chance for Sap to critically fail, incapacitiating the rogue instead. Talent 'Nerves of Steel' has been reworked: Now grants a 30/60/90% chance to not display a chat message when master looting an item to yourself. Shaman "Bloodlust!" "Bloodlust?!?" "Uhm, i'm Alliance. What is Bloodlust?" "BLOODLUUUUSTTTT!!!!!" Fixed an issue that caused certain shamans to place a Windfury totem in the hunter group. Druid Fixed an issue where Druids in 'Moonkin form' were too fat to fly. 'Thorns' do now apply a bleeding on the attacking target that stacks per hit. Combo points in Cat form have been replaced by Mood points. They are generated when the Cat feels like it. The chances for a feral dps druid to find a raid group have been increased by 15%. Just kidding. Tank or leave. Restoration Druids can now run out of mana. Warrior (translated for warriors) Damage dealt with sharp weapons has been decreased by 5.5%. Blunt weapon damage has been increased by 7.5%. Translation: "Sword still good, but hammer is better." 'Thunder Clap' will no longer break nearby crowd control effects like shackle, polymorph, sap or hibernate. Translation: "Sheep now sparkle, but not hit back." The cooldown of 'Shield Wall' has been decreased to 15 minutes. Damage reduction increased to 85%. Translation: "Recklessness still better." Reduced the chance of 'Challenging Shout' to be used 0.5 seconds after a priest used 'Psychic Scream' significantly. Translation: "Battle Shout not only shout?" Paladin 'Divine Shield' now not only engulfs the Paladin in holy light, but also in air filled bubble, allowing him to float away from danger. To encourage more communication between party members, the API function allowing PallyPower to work has been disabled. Blessing of Might can no longer be casted on party members yelling for it. How many Paladins does it take to change a lightbulb? Five. One for Kings, one for Might, one for Wisdom, one for Salvation and one for Light! Hunter Level Boosts for pets can now be purchased in the web store. 'Tame Beast' has been reworked into 'Tame Minion', allowing you to tame any Beast, Dragonkin and Demon up to 3 levels above you. Pets can now be traded between hunters. Stable Slots have been increased to 151. Entering combat will now force your camera into First Person mode, where you can aim freely Karazhan Terestian Illhoof can now be banished. We don't know why either. Echo of Medivh has been permanently suspended for the use of Cheating Software Black Temple Increased the chance for Teron Gorefiends 'Crushing Shadows' to target Shadow Priest about to use Shadow Word: Death by 25%. How much blood could Bloodboils Bloodboil boil if Bloodboils Bloodboil could boil blood? Replaced High Nethermancer Zerevor with the freshly promoted High Nethermancer Sepethrea to support gender equality. Illidan Stormrages Demon Form can now be removed with Mass Dispel. Requires the spell to be in the players action bar bound to an actual hotkey. Sunwell Plateau Felmyst now has a chance to randomly despawn after launch (when entering air phase). Grand Warlock Alythess 'Conflagration' will now prefer players who asked "Anyone else lagging?" on Discord before the pull. M'uru has returned to Silvermoon City. Seems like you should have selected the trinket as your gift after all. Players may now choose to polymorph Anveena during the Kil'jaeden encounter, for an alternative ending of the Burning Crusade. To make sure everything works as intended, never ever delete your Cache folder, otherwise you might lose important data and your characters. As always, please report anything that you seem to remember different from 10 years ago to us via gmhelp channel, without providing any source material.
  7. A fresh start

    We are happy to finally be able to reveal our new forum! As you can see, there is work being put into importing all important threads from the old forum to the new one. Please have some patience with us in that regard. Regards~