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    Wow, sad panda. I just tried unsuccessfully to log in for old times' sake. It's been a while, since my wife and I had a kiddo recently. Shoutout to all those who made my experience exactly what it was - a relaxing, fun experience time and time again. Thank you to Sorry not Sorry, with whom I found a home for several years. I can't tell you how much fun I had smashing face, fucking around, shitting on Olana, and talking as much trash as I could all the while knowing I just played a character thats main strategy was right click and rolling the dice. Dep and the PvP homies; you guys fuckin' killed it, and I enjoyed riding on your coat tails. Every BG was at the very least a fun/funny time. I'll always have love for my Warsong crew. To all those who killed, camped and emoted me, or got the same from me, I salute you and hope to see you guys somewhere on some server in the future. Goodnight for now, Lucy.