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  1. Vote event June

    So... You guys, Excalibur people? Did we make the top list? Are we getting double rates this weekend or what? Today is the 20th Oh and by the way, is people want to set up Bots to go to the website get the coins and not actually vote then they only have themselves to blame when the rates don't get doubled ever again. So, they can be content with their special mounts and faction changes and whatever that they bought with their gold coins. But I don't think they really realize or care whether they get four times XP
  2. Free Faction Change Event!

    If i may offer a suggestion- if you could figure out how to keep Faction rep intact when someone does a faction transfer (like for heroic dungeon keys Thrallmar<->honor hold or the Maghar<->kurenai) that would be great. Nothing would suck more than having to grind up twice on the same character (esp if you were exalted). Or doing heroics yesterday then faction change and then signing up for heroic today only to realize you have to buy the key again. Or at the very least allowing people to request a GM to give them instant honored rep after faction change. Oh yeah- and what happens if they were wearing GEAR that required reputation to buy before the faction change?