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  1. All good things

    Hello, let me preface this post by saying I don't really understand why I'm writing any of this, but as fellow humans you might understand permanent homeoffice doesn't result in rational behaviour (Day 12(?), I installed WoW again, why?!). I couldn't care less about you closing the server, I understand there's myriad of factors that came into play regarding that decision; after running a TBC private server for over a decade.., well, life changes. So it goes. I could, but won't, go on a tangent about how it could've been handled better; not privy to the background info, commenting on that would be silly. All I have is a question. After fracturing a community, however distant and small, and hardly following up on the promises made regarding transition, how can you actually delete posts mentioning other private servers on these forums? There's been a couple of people sharing a link for a TBC server* made custom for 5 man raids; all of which were subsequently deleted. I mean what the fuck do you care about people sharing their experience of other servers with other providers after you closed up? Is there any sort of a rational reason based on which you mind the players, from a server you closed, to meet and continue enjoying the TBC experience on a different private platform? Seriously, I honestly don't really understand why it pisses me off, but deleting posts by members of the community mentioning other servers where a bunch of players from here could migrate is...like, why, man? Seriously, fuck off, you're just acting like dicks at this point. *I actually made an account there and it looks like it might be fun! So everything above this is a prejudiced, emotional, opinionated and a subjective comment with 0 value.
  2. Transfers and more

    You guys, the three of you, you make me sad.
  3. Transfers and more

    Hello adults, I'm an 8-year old kid and I'm covid-19 positive; am I going to live to see my character transferred to the fancy wotlk realm or should I update my will as I'm going to leave this silly world before the transfer happens? Signed: Timmy, I'm 8 I think, if you need anything just sort it out with my secretary, erhm, I mean Mom. Danke, best regards, dwarfrogue, human priest
  4. All good things

    So is my Scarab Lord BIS priest going to another realm or are we done? Cheers for the years (oi a rhyme) either way