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  1. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Engineers can make Launchers, but indeed not many have it
  2. Badges of Justice have returned to Vanilla raids!

    Well naxx and ony require attunement, bwl kind of too, you either run ubrs and enter trough there (ubrs limited to 10man) or you do quick "attunement" and can teleport via orb. Aq40 never had attunement, only server opening. And Mc required crystal at the end of brd to be clicked, in order to zone in via window, but on excal no touching is needed and you can zone rihht in trough the window
  3. Free Faction Change Event!

    I want to ask about faction change and this seems as quite appropriate place: 1. Quests, as for example Onyxia attunement, are different for Horde and Alliance. When I completed it on Horde and gained whatever rewards from quests can I also do them on Alliance side since the quest chain is entirely different and lets say have 2 Drakefire amulets ? 2. I have "Conqueror" title which is for exalted with all horde BGs, If I go to Alliance does my ally BG rep gets to exalted or stays at neutral and I ll just get "justicar" or can I keep "Conqueror" and if in possible future I decide to go back to Horde will my reps will be restored or again just the title will change 3. Then in faction change rules it says I ll get my mounts replaced by Alliance counterparts, is there a key taht lets say for Black war kodo I get Black war mechanostrider or how does this work ? And again lets say Im Nelf, I get all pvp mounts, will I get all of the Horde ones (even Hawkstrider, Skeletal warhorse) when going tauren ?
  4. Voting event is back!

    Item drop wont affect bosses much, every item gets doubled so in the end it doesnt affect loot table as boss has strictly set how many items he drops, except for legendary items which behave like bonus loot. So double item drop are gonna increase glaive and thoridal drop + non raid drops where isnt strict loot table