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  1. Transfers and more

    Hello, this is gona be my first comment after Exca shutdown- just wanna give my view of this current situation. to me it looks like staff did 20% of work- like gave you an opportunity to download character , and what now? You litteraly just gave us chance to download useless scripts that no one will want to accept, players wanted to get a chance to save their toons and all you did is let them DL toons?! And what now? I should go beg other servers to accept them? I had a great time on this server and we all knew this is coming to an end but i never tought after so many years of expirience you will let your community like this. as some of the fellow players said it leaves a really bitter taste the say you handled all this. From start ( leaking in Info about shutdown Two weeks before official announcment) till the end ( we are working towards transfers - YEAH RIGHT)