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  1. Transfers and more

    I see a dead angel in the raid again.
  2. All good things

    This link shouldn't expire: https://discord.gg/hJ2uwNn
  3. Transfers and more

    It's just a proof that they don't care about their server. All they wanted was easy cash for glaives, this server is pure garbage in every aspect of the game and hence it has 100 players online on TBC realm. Why would you even want to go there?
  4. All good things

    The joke is that subscription to official servers costs 14.99$ :D. I am not saying you're wrong. Contrary, I do agree with you, but I just found something funny in that.
  5. All good things

    And is Critman played by a GM?
  6. All good things

    Since the server is going to be shut down soon anyway, out of curiosity, could you revel the in-game nicknames of GMs? I wonder if Riakku truly is Delesdar, as I assumed. =P
  7. All good things

    If all the cooperative work of awesome players and devs goes to waste, I will find you and I will kill you! Excalibur is possibly the best TBC server in terms of scripting. What are you going to do with the core, which was constantly being enhanced during a decade? This server is what brought me to serious WoW. I met great people ("Dream in True", "HOGWARTS", forum community and my beloved "Unknown", I am talking about you) and I really feel like I experienced this game through and through here. Also, huge thanks to GMs for all the work (especially events) you did, I will miss you. I guess that 3-5 applications of my "determined donkey in a suit, who will become an Excalibur GM no matter how many times you reject me" won't work out after all, will they? Even though I am not much of a player now, Excalibur was still such a big chunk of my life and it is something I won't forget. I can't believe it will be shut down, and, as an extra bonus for me, it will happen on my birthday. What a shame..
  8. Make server great again.

    1. Spacey


      Greaaaat agaaaainnnn!

  9. Merely a Forum Fidget.

  10. Master of Puppets click baits.