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  1. Badges of Justice have returned to Vanilla raids!

    Only Naxx requires attunement on Excalibur.
  2. Happy holidays!

  3. Happy holidays!

    It usually works like that, yes.
  4. Happy holidays!

    So relatable. Thank you, Excalibur. Happy Holidays to everyone!
  5. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    Happy Birthday and good luck !
  6. New Battleground Activity Feature

    @Azelen I assume that the variable to store the amount of dailies completed is already somewhere in the code (well, you check for the prizes somehow, right?) Could you, please, add a "." command to check how many daily bgs you've completed? (for example, .bgactivity)
  7. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Well, you get to PvP every day just as you did before, but you get some nice candies for doing so. (The ones you didn't have before). The ones who stay for a long time get the best prizes - makes perfect sense to me.
  8. New Battleground Activity Feature

    Omg that's incredible. Thanks!
  9. Forum restored

    I used to store my guides in .txt files on my PC, but recently I've abandoned that idea. Just in time, huh. Oh well, I guess, I'll have to re-write a thing or two. At least the Forum is back.
  10. Vote event October

    Hm, what you are talking about is called a "Suggestions" subforum here. GMs constantly look through all of them and give responses. If you need to immediately contact a GM / Dev - their personal messages are always open for those in need. If you need an in-game assistance, type /join gmhelp. It's full of players ready to help and you may often find a GM online there, too. Though I agree with the first part of your post. The Staff should decide on such things.
  11. Make server great again.

    1. Spacey


      Greaaaat agaaaainnnn!

  12. Vote event September

    I could always get coins from all my accounts separately, though the vote would only count as 1. So 1 vote - 10 coins (10 accounts), for example. I believe that I've reported that in some old bug report, but this isn't a dev's mistake, rather website's one, afaik. I guess, that it is exactly the reason, why gold for coins was removed as an option.
  13. Merely a Forum Fidget.

  14. Vote event May

    Hm, seems like today is the 11th of May. Any news?
  15. Voting event is back!

    What exactly does the item drop rate mean though? :confused: Could it mean that we will get 12 items from Eredar Twins?