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  1. Excalibur's 12th birthday!

    Dear all, Another year has gone by, making ExcaliburWoW the oldest server that's still around! Big thanks to all of you that has made this happen, especially to the ExWoW veterans that have truly helped shape the server to what it is today. To celebrate our server's birthday, the server will give something back to all of you! - go to http://account.excalibur.ws/voucher - type in this code: OMGEXCAL12 - Go shopping! -20% off on all items!! In addition, DOUBLE RATES!! All these goodies will last from 12:01 pm today until Monday (December 3rd) at 12:01pm (server time)! Finally, a good old ExcaliburWoW nostalgia picture. Best regards~
  2. TBC Nostalgia - Excalibur

    Sharing with all of you a beautiful video about our server's long journey and the Burning Crusade. Let yourself be reminded why we all came to Excalibur. Watching it brought a tear to my eye, thinking about my best times on this server. Likes and shares are much appreciated. Let's remind everyone why The Burning Crusade is the best expansion and Excalibur is the place that has been and will keep on offering this unforgettable experience.
  3. Vote event May

    The toplists have reset and we are starting a new vote event. If the spots on both sites are reached before the 11th of May the rates will be upped for 3 days! - reach a place in the top 5 on Gtop100 list - reach a place in the top 5 on TopG list - reach a place in the top 10 on Xtremetop100 list - reach a place in the top 15 on Top100arena list We will double the following rates for all factions: experience, resting, honor, item drop, gathering and gold. Be sure to login to our account tools at: http://account.excalibur.ws/ and click on the voting tab. Important: you can only vote once per 12 hours and per IP! Have fun!