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  1. Transfers and more

    The page needs to be refreshed otherwise is showing old white one. Not sure if someone asked already. 1: if i transfer 1 char to Dalaran can later transfer same char to other server eventually? 2: Do we need to save somewhere our characters on our HDDs or we can trust this link or whatever is i haven't clicked yet? Anyway im playing(casually for now) atm on Endless and i like it more than NW (even with shitty custom changes damn) Im rogue Steel if someone have good pve progressive guild horde I can join. Yeah no one needs rogue iknow
  2. Transfers and more

    Many things looks nice like the armory and dual spec. But too much custom changes. Some are good but most are annoying, dont know where they discuss such shit to read whats the reason for doing some of them. And this faction balance shit... too much to handle
  3. Transfers and more

    Does anyone know whats gold limit on transfer to dalaran? and also dalaran wow is our only option for transfer, nothing else in future?
  4. Transfers and more

    @Bisquit why u even bother i dont know but i appreciate cos is good to see what they think. I mean u can see his reaction in 1st few replies. This guy is... just confirmed my opinion on him. Some russian guy who was playing on all private servers for years. I read so many topics on different server bug trackers. for example in one he was arguing (begging maybe is more accurate dont remember for sure) with some server devs to let him use (cos they disabled server side) his exploit macros swapping weapons in combat without gcd etc. seems toxic person to me and pathetic after i read this "just because u played on a kek server" like his server is not kek?? FUCK NW btw didnt like it and before. i have 70 char there... sadly there is no good option to play TBC. Need to wait for some miracle in future. Endless is custom fun server, not serious not even worth imo.
  5. All good things

    project hardcore it was fun
  6. All good things

    https://atlantiss.eu/news/324/lights-hope-transfers And this is from vanilla to TBC server. It would be even more strict from TBC I can imagine.
  7. All good things

    You understand that transfer means like naked 70 chars? No matter where they will never allow you to transfer gear, titles, gold etc. It will be super limited maybe just proffesions. You also need to change name if is taken. Warmane is not an option, its fuckin dead server. I honestly dont see where. I doubt that NW will accept or if they do it will be super strict.
  8. All good things

    out of curiosity. Why not sell the server? I can imagine how hard could be this, but if he find a trusted person who would care/the right person. I'm just watching how NW from 5k now is 1.5k or less without x-faction, almost reached excalibur state. Heard some ppl talking about restart there already. So overall TBC scene is ded. I dont see how a restart can make any difference. Sure in the beginning will be good but after 1 year or even less it will be same... Think that with good dev team Excal can be on same level or even better than NW scripting wise. He may have better ideas, maybe restart maybe new realm... with motivation and $$$ everything is possible. But owner and dev team is super important. I will not start playing if i dont see a bright future, no matter where. When u see ppl working hard you get additional motivation to play, no? And ofc must be better than the others.
  9. All good things

    I agree with you. I don't want to attack anyone, but he was responsible for website update, armory improvements etc. They said its all ready, only needs to be deployed and he did not bother to even do this small thing. I really like Excal staff never seen so nice GMs. Im very sad now and feel super bad cos I always had hope. Cant believe that this happening... I dont play wow lately, just logging time to time. But really wanted to start playing again. And dont like NW I stopped playing and there. so its not just population but yea main reason you cant play wow without enough ppl. It was obvious after Azelen retire that server is doomed... most important was to keep improving in every aspect so can compete. you need good dev team for that. but nope. The owner didnt even bother to log for ages... he obviously dont care.