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  1. Transfers and more

    SM is a piece of shit, who is gonna play there?
  2. Transfers and more

    The new server will be a fresh one.
  3. Transfers and more

    What about titles, HKs and gold?
  4. All good things

    Tell a sad story in only 1 sentence. Exwow player: Last seen online 5 years ago.
  5. All good things

    Mr Aladeen = Mastf?JK.
  6. All good things

    Thanks dude, You're a good friend. Dayuum, Good Old Days.
  7. All good things

    @Thelxinoe I think you forgot GM Gnomish😕😕
  8. All good things

    The End of Our Story. Thanks for all these years.
  9. All good things